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  1. okay , just for argument sake, it said that it would not start until I activated Kaspersky with the new code. I guess the next time I won't purchase a new code until the day the old expires.The renewal route was very expensive. For 2 yrs the renewal would have been close to $200.00
  2. my computer time/date is always right. I did not purchase a renewal, It was extremely more expensive, but I did not activate the new purchase until the original was about to expire.
  3. The site said Kaspersky and it took my payment and sent me the key by email. But I did not install on the purchase date because I had time left on my original subscription , so I waited until the end of that to use the new activation code.That is when I noticed 10 days where missing on a 2 year (730 day) subscription.
  4. I just installed KASPERSKY total security for 2 years, but it says that I have only 720 days until expiration. What happened to the other 10 days?
  5. can i get the latest version of kaspersky total security with the existing license?
  6. kaspersky total security updates stall at 91%
  7. With KPM how do we do multiple page logins? That is you enter your username on the first page then click enter and that brings up the second page where you either enter your password or passphrase, then sometimes a third page is required to again enter the pass phrase or password?
  8. How do you use KPM with websites that have 2 or 3 page logins? That is on page you enter username, then on the next page you enter the password or answer to security question and sometimes a third page where you enter password or answer a security question.
  9. I just got KPM to work, mostly. I had to enable KPM in FIREFOX addons. next question ---how do I use KPM for multipage logins?
  10. I have the latest version of KPM. I have added a few more login's to KPM none of them fill password.I can log into KPM itself. This is my first time to try KPM, wINDOWS 8.1 OR FIREFOX used to fill username or password, but something happened with the latest version of KASPERSKY that has stopped this from happening so I am getting no autologin's from either one anymore.
  11. KPM will not fill in the password in while trying to login I am using WINDOWS 8.1 and the latest version of FIREFOX, I am using ebay and paypal as my tests, I just added a webmail account and KPM would not fill username and password for this account
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