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  1. Oh I see, so it moves all clients regardless if they are connected to the network or not and when they finally connect to the network, it updates on the client end that there is a new server. Great. Thanks for your help Nikolay, if I have any more issues, I will pop back into the forums.
  2. No, I don't want any settings from the old one, so it sounds like it will not come over to the new one which is what i'm looking for. How will I go about moving over the user's that are never come into the office and talk to the security server like our remote sales team?
  3. Are you referring to this step http://support.kaspersky.com/1057 If so, would it only take the clients and move them to the corresponding Managed Groups if I create identical groups from the old security center? Or it will move the clients to the managed computer folder for every single moved user? This will not bring over the policies as well from the old security center correct?
  4. Hello, I would like to get some information on how can I migrate my user's from one server to another server on the same network. I have 2 servers running Security Center 10, the old server is running version 10.1.249 the new server is running 10.2.434. The reason why I do not want to use the old one is some SQL corruption I had last year and my instance has been running very poorly. Support has tried assisting but I could not restore SQL and it was close to a new installation when it was all said and done while still having multiple issues when the ticket was closed, half my task are not working right. So now that Maintenance Release is out of Beta, I would like to migrate my user's over to a clean Security Center install and get off of the old instance. The incident# was INC000004442276 The user's are currently running Antivirus version, network agent 10.1.249 on the old instance as well, the user's are running Windows 7 x32 & x64, the old instance is running on Windows 7 x64 non virtual and also MSSQL 2014 Express, the new one is running on Windows 10 x64 MSSQL 2014 Express. I tried creating a support ticket and I get this message when trying to log in (see attachment) so I came to the forums.
  5. Can we get the ability to know why the application stopped running or why it would not start back up. (See attachments)
  6. Kaspersky Security Center 10.1.249 What i would like to see is what is holding up my computer group tasks, what actual scheduled task is running. I usually get this message, Event type: Task cannot be performed Result: Cannot start task Object: Update Object\Name: Update Reason: Cannot start two tasks at the same time Why do I have to get a vague error instead of telling me the actual task that's running or notify me when the task is about to be saved/created that (name of the task) has that time slot, I really don't like having to play Colombo to track down errors, just have the error show in the view results, here is another example of a result. Vulnerability and application updates scan task completed (some errors occurred) Or how about the feature for stop the task after x minutes actually works. I have a task I schedule on Saturday 7/25 that is still running as of today 7/31 that was suppose to stop running after 999 minutes.
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