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  1. Hi, GSI is now running in Kaspersky server. May I know how can we free up some memory in the database?
  2. Hi, I cannot approve updates due to error.refer the attached image for the error We also encounter generic db error on other actions (e.g. delete endpoint)
  3. Hi May I know what the reason why is same to all the external disks \000000? May I know if there's a incompatibility on version KES_10.3.0.6294 or maybe because of the USB port of the machine is not supported the external disk that's why the DeviceID of external disk was not properly read?
  4. Hi, Good day, I have 5 new seagate external then I have policy on device control blocked all when I trusted 1 seagate external (SCSI\DISK&VEN_SEAGATE&PROD_BUP_SLIM_BK\000000) the seagate external was successfully trusted and the other 4 seagate external was trusted too even I trusted only one 1 seagate external . Upon my investigation I found out that new 5 seagate external was have same Device model/ID. I'm using KES_10.3.0.6294 version. Do you have workaround for this issue.? Thank you,
  5. Hi I already create a report manual located at the Quarantine and virus report.rar
  6. Hi Good day, When we tried to generate the virus report there's a missing reports. all we can see is the virus report for version KES11 but the other version of KES 10.3 not included in the Virus report. I already check the quarantine of KSC 10.3 and there is new virus detected but when we tried to generate the virus report we can't see the virus detected from the other version of KES 10.3 Refer the attached files below for the logs. Thank you. all_tables_sizes.zip EvStatEx10_all3.zip Quarantine and virus report.rar
  7. Hi, Except Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11 is there any kaspersky solution that can scan SFTP/ SSH? Thank you.
  8. Hi, How about SFTP and SSH? 
  9. Good day, I have a question if kaspersky Endpoint Security can it also look into the web traffic of HTTPS/ SFTP/ SSH? Can you give me a reference? Thank you.
  10. Hi Guys, I just want to know if how can i configure Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Linux File Servers, the single folder to not include on the On-demand scan, because there is a folder that not infected of virus or not a virus but kaspersky always put in the quarantine so every time the scan finished i always restore it. please give a instruction on how to put the folder in the trusted zone. Thank you!
  11. Hi, No I just want to know if possible to encrypt a windows server machine (virtual and physical). Thank you.
  12. Hi Good day. I would like to inquire if possible to encrypt a windows server machine (virtual and physical). Kindly advise. Thanks,
  13. So, KES don't has capability to unhide the files and folder that infected of virus?
  14. Hi Guys, KES v10.2.2.10535 KES has capability of unhide files and folders? In my experience KES only detect and deleted the virus but still the files and folders was hide.
  15. Hi Sir, I will try this. BRB Thank you!
  16. Hi guys, I encountered an error of updating the Download updates to the repository Complete with error. Please see the image below.
  17. Hi Guys, Just want to know, what is difference between the two AES? (refer to the image below).
  18. Hi Guys, The result was successful but my KSC are cannot connect to the administration server. Action taken/s: --Change the localhost to the IP Address. --restart the Kaspersky services(KSC admin. server) -restart the service SQL server(KAV_CS_ADMIN_KIT). --Change the Kaspersky services(KSC admin. server) Log On to the Local System account. --Run the Admin. Server Accnt. Switch Unitily. But the problem still persist
  19. Hi, I just want to clarify, the computer name of the new KSC installed are required same with the old KSC computer name.?
  20. Hi, Not yet, currently im planning to upgrade my KSC on weekends.
  21. Is there anything else to keep the same old KSC to the new KSC?
  22. what if iim moving the new server but i want is the same the old KSC IP address.
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