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  1. Hi,


    Can you help me on how to uninstall this patch using remote uninstallation task in KSC.refer the image below.

    Because when i tried to install the KES I get an error Event “Product: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows -- Error 27351. Patch cannot be installed over another Private Fix 5100 patch. Remove the private patch and restart patch installation”



  2. Hi 

    Good day,

    I can't access the  Policy settings I got error when I tried to download the plugins of KES11.1.

    I also tried to install manually the plugins from the KSC 11 but still I can't access the Policy settings 

    Note: I accessed the KSC console from the different machine .


    Thank you.


  3. Hi,


    This is what I did, I set a password protection then I disable the policy on the workstation side then I manually disable the KSN and Web control the enable again. After that I enable the policy. I already force sync the workstation 2x but still not change the status of the workstation.



    Thank you. 

  4. Hi,

    How to change the status ok my one user?

    I tried to reinstall but still the same of the status I  also force sync the user using the klnagchk -sendhb but still I can't change the status to OK.  

    May I know what is the meaning of this and how to resolve this.

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus is installed, but real-time protection level differs form the level set by administrator


    Thank you.



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