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  1. The problem happens even after clean Windows install. This issue occurs after updating to KIS 2019.
  2. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2018. I keep getting notifications "Suspicious action blocked/allowed". On checking report I can see all are Microsoft applications like conhost.exe. What is wrong with my system? Any suggestion?
  3. Thanks for your attention and quick reply. But I believe there should be an option to control this type of notifications. This is because these type of notifications creates a panic among users and is not required. An option should be there under Notification settings to turn off such notifications
  4. I get a lot of notifications when websites are launched in Safe Money Browser. It keeps on counting the notifications as long as I am accessing Safe Money Browser. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64bit and KIS 2017. Browser is Chrome v.56. I have attached a screenshot of the issue. Anyone else facing this issue?
  5. It increased the speed of download a little bit. From 3-4Kbps now it is 18-20Kbps. But previously it used to be 200-490Kbps.
  6. I have contacted support and they said to add this particular url in place of Kaspersky Lab server. I really doubt what this URL does.
  7. I also get this notification for several websites. I have already installed the root certificate for the browser avalaible under network settings in Kaspersky. But this pops up from time to time for several websites including those of Kaspersky and when launching some apps like Utorrent. This is unnecessary and there should be an option to disable this type of irritating notification.
  8. I am also facing this issue. For me it is not only with Safe Money. But I get the notification even when accessing Kaspersky website like MyKaspersky Account or launching some application like UTorrent. I have contacted support team and they provided me a vague solution. They asked me to disable scanning of encrypted connection. This is very irritating as from time to time I have to click 'Continue'. But why should I disable that? It would reduce the security. Instead there should be an option to disable this notification. Moderator or someone else who have direct contact with Product management or Development team, kindly pass on this feedback.
  9. It is well know fact that Kaspersky takes a long time to update the database. However after a long wait this issue was fixed in Kaspersky 2016 maintenance release version. And the fix automatically applied to Kaspersky 2017. But recently I noticed that the issue started once again and Kaspersky takes a long time to update, no matter how fast is the internet connection. This need to be fixed because it is really painful to update Kaspersky in case we have not used the system for a long time like for a week and in that case Kaspersky takes almost 30 minutes to update the database. I have attached a screenshot showing slow speed of database download. Anyone else facing this issue?
  10. All android devices in our family is protected by Kaspersky Pro version. List of android devices that we have, Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM G900H): OS 6.0.1, Moto G (XT 1033): OS 5.0, Lenovo Vibe S1a40: OS 6.0, Asus Nexus 7: OS 4.3 Asus Zenfone C: OS 4.4.2 Problem is when I am using Samasung Galaxy S5 and downloading files from the internet Kaspersky is not scanning them and as a result I am able to download harmful files. All the permissions required for Kaspersky is ON. However on all other devices Kaspersky is detecting the files in real time when they are downloaded from Internet. This weird issue occurs with my device Galaxy S5 only. My parents or my sister is not facing this issue.What do I need to do in this case? I have reinstalled Kaspersky and even performed a factory reset of the mentioned device but all were in vain. Kindly help me. Thanks. Regards, Subhadeep Kanungo
  11. I too face this problem sometimes. To be specific this occurs on particulqr websites. Turning off web protection is the only solution. This is not a new problem. I am afraid that a company like Kaspersky still did not take any measure to solve the issue.
  12. Kaspersky is set as administrator but still it can be uninstalled. One can tap on Kaspersky and proceed to uninstall it right from app menu without any need to insert the PIN.
  13. I am using Samsung Galaxy S5 with Kaspersky installed. I have turned on the option "Uninstall Protection". But still it can be uninstalled without any PIN or password. Anyone can open Kaspersky and uptick that option and continue with uninstallation. What happens with other antivirus products like BitDefender, McAfee, etc is that when someone tries to disable "uninstall protection" option, they ask for password. But in Kaspersky, it is not the case. Can anyone tell me where can I report bugs or submit feedback? The link which is provided by Kaspersky in Play Store comments is a broken link. Also I don't find any option to report bug or feedback in Kaspersky My Portal. Thanks in advance. Regards, Subhadeep K.
  14. I am using KIS 2015. From where can I download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 maintenance release v.2? Thanks in advance.
  15. I am using Netgear Router in my home and security is WPA2. Still when I connect my connect my laptop to the router Kaspersky 2016 says "Public Wifi - Data may be seen by...........". What do I need to do? Please help.
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