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  1. I wonder if these current Kaspersky sale offers will be honored? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/kaspersky-computing-accessories/software/internet-security-and-antivirus/323_3082_30145_1557_xx/xx_xx_xx_xx_5-6-7-8-criteria.html

    Can someone point me to the beta license codes for KIS beta 2017: ; it will not accept my commercial license and beta codes listed previously are now blacked out; https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=161942
  3. Can you let me know which download you used? The KIS 2015 accepted the "old" 2014 Activation code which I told the program to keep before uninstalling KIS 2014. So I had 33 days left on this license. BUT when trying to add a new license then I saw the Error window and the "new" code was not accepted.
  4. In same position as Wooly747, trying to upgrade KIS 2015 with an activation code for KIS 2014 (license has 33 days left). Getting activation code error-"Cannot register activation code as a new code". I then checked renewal email from Barclays UK and it states that "activation code will only work with KIS 2013 and 2014". Would be interested to hear if any Brit has managed to activate KIS 2015, particularly if they have a 2014 code from Barclays Bank.
  5. I am still running the .463 beta which is about to run out in 25 days time, before the gold version is released here in the UK in early September. Can I extend the license key for this one, or should I upgrade to a newer beta? If so, can someone provide download details please. My apologies if I have posted in the wrong section.
  6. As Reload stated above, how can you activate this RC? Activate button does not work and it will not accept a commercial license.
  7. Patch A for KIS/KAV 2012 (374 build)

    So this patch does not help those of us seeing high CPU usage? Although not seen by all users, I would have thought the high CPU spike would have been corrected by this Patch!
  8. Release KIS/KAV 2010

    Congratulations KL and ALL GBTs; another great version.
  9. Amazon UK have a 1-year, 3-user license for KAV 6 for £11. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kaspersky-Anti-Vir...xgy_sw_h__img_b Great value for those of us with multiple machines, particularly if you can upgrade to version 7.
  10. Lucian, any idea whether this slows down the RTM by much?
  11. I know that the File Scanner can use both iSwift and iChecker but I thought that if the iSwift technology was not selected for in the scan settings then the RTM would not be able to use this feature!
  12. The TR of KAV 7 still has iChecker and iSwift as Advanced Scan options.
  13. A mention of Claire Rule of the UK Sales department; just as fast and efficient as the support staff. I had some queries this morning about license renewals and my problem was sorted in no time.
  14. Even after the first intial scan, there is not much fragmentation of files and most is seen in the KAV report files being built up. TR of KAV 7 with only IChecker enabled; not ISwift.
  15. I have recently tried out the TR of KAV 7 and I also found a lot more fragmented files after the first scan. BUT subsequent scans showed a lot less fragmentation. Probably related to SSK's comment on KAV building up its report store. Overall, I have only seen a slight pause in Phase 2 of chkdsk (<15s) with both KAV 6 or this TR, no file errors but slightly more fragmentation as stated which does improve on later scans. When the gold release is available I will install without ISwift and see what effect this has on both performance, fragmentation and the MFT.