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  1. Hi, i see. is this at all possible/ in future updates?! i can see this being a really handy addition.
  2. Hi Ivan, please see the attached as you can see there is no where to specify ALL active directory users. it would be really handy if you could specify all users and create a initial/custom password for all users. this way they can freely use other staff members laptops instead of having to generate a support ticket for us to get them past the authentication agent. regards
  3. this is the question I'm asking. currently we have to add the users manually for each device - i cant see anywhere that allows you to add users to all device authentication agents. Regards
  4. i assume you mean client end Application versions? administration server version 10.4.343
  5. Hi all, we currently have Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced 60 Node we are using the Kaspersky Full disk Encryption (with SSO) and find ourselves constantly running into an issue. we have several laptops that are used as 'floating spares', but we also find the staff using other members of staff's laptops when they are away. now the trouble is, we then have to provide them with our details to get past the Authentication agent to get the system running, and then we can go ahead and add that user to the Authentication agent manually. the trouble i am having is i cant see anyway to create a list of all Active Directory users and add all users to the authentication agent for all laptops this way the users will be setup on all laptops with the initial password, so we just give them this password and away they go. is this possible? kind regards
  6. Hi Thank you for that. I'm aware of the Operating system support. i just wasn't sure how the FDE works without a domain controller/active directory regards
  7. Morning All, We have a client that we are currently in talks with moving away from Avast, onto Kaspersky Endpoint Security. They have opted for the Advanced option, as they would like to have FDE encrypt their laptops (and likely the desktops in the office too) They currently work in a workgroup, with 1 laptop, 3 desktops, and a 'file server' the file server is purely a Windows 7 Pro PC with sharing for data and SAGE. so not a domain controller (No AD, DHCP, DNS etc) My question is, is it possible to run KSC on the 'file server' and roll out the FDE to the workgroup computers?! Thanks in advance Dan
  8. Got it in 1 DaWhiskers. i found a post yesterday after posting this that specified what your saying. i have successfully followed these steps and encrypted the drive. Thank you for the assistance
  9. Hi all, we have recently won a bid for a medium/large business to implement the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Advanced. One of the main selling points was the encryption feature. i am currently trying to encrypt one of each model they currently run i have successfully encrypted a bespoke/custom built tower, and a HP ProBook 640 G1. However i am trying to encrypt a HP ProBook 640 G3 and having issues. Initially the G3 was showing as having bit-locker enabled. so i have successfully removed/Decrypted the Bit locker encryption. i have then tried to run the Kaspersky disk encryption and it has failed, stating that the device is not compatible. although i did not see this being an issue on Kaspersky's list of incompatable devices. i have since, removed all Kaspersky products and run the Kaspersky FDE_Pre Check (see attached) any idea what i need to do to utilise the full disk Encryption? im stuck and desperate for answers Thanks In Advance fde_precheck_report.txt
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