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  1. In my second post above, I believe I did provide those cleaner logs.
  2. It's not present in "Programs and Features" It's not present in the Start menu There does not appear to be any folders for it in "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" It is not listed in "Services" Is there any other place you'd like me to check?
  3. You should be able to click on this and get a "save-to" dialog. Since we're doing it this way, I ran the get-info tool again and included the Event Viewer logs: www.eelpotflats.com/Files/GSI6_CJWIN10-P02_cjones_08_11_2017_09_12_01.zip
  4. Third try - There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200
  5. I tried to include the Event Viewer logs but the file was over 5MB and your system told me to upload up to 4MB. It has failed to upload without explanation the smaller 2.3 MB file. I will try again with a new reply. Even with a new reply, it's saying I'm not allowed to upload more than 4MB. The file is only 2.3MB - is the upload size cumulative?
  6. Here is the log from the cleaner tool ak_cleaner2017-08-10-16-28-50.zip
  7. Windows 10 Enterprise workstation Kaspersky is not currently installed - I removed to see if it would help get the network agent installed but we're running Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 When I try to install the network agent I get "Failed to identify the status of the installed application definitely. Remove the application manually or use the uninstaller" I tried using the cleaner tool and I've attached some logs. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. $setup-Installer.log $klriwrp.txt
  8. We're running around 15 instances KES 10 and we're using Kaspersky Security Center to manage them. As network and domain administrator, I have been accessing many Kaspersky protected machines via RDP. I wouldn't have found the following issue except that one user reported to me that he couldn't access his machine via RDP. Turning off Kaspersky protection on his PC allowed RDP to start working. We then found the rule for RDP in the Settings\Antivirus-Protection\Firewall\Network Packet Rules\Remote Desktop network activity rule On the problem PC we re-enabled Kaspersky protection and enabled Remote Desktop network activity to Allow So far, so good, RDP continued to work HOWEVER In spot checking other computers on our network, I found that every PC was set to Block RDP I checked the Policies for each group in Kaspersky Security Center and there also, the RDP rule was set to Block So, the upshot is, one PC on our network is behaving as it should. We enabled Remote Desktop network activity on that machine and RDP started working On every other PC in our LAN, even though the Remote Desktop network activity setting is set to block, RDP access is working Any idea on what could be going on here?