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  1. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    I need some further clarification. I've created a Power Users group and group policy. In that policy, I have enabled editing of a number of parameters to allow end users the ability to customize their local client settings. Are you saying that any of those client user settings that are edited by a local user will be stored centrally on the Kaspersky Security Center?
  2. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    Let me be sure. While I have created a couple of group policies (regular users and power users), I have also granted self-administrative rights to several, including Fletcher. So he's in the power users group, but has modified many settings to create a custom version for his use. Are all these customizations also stored by the Kaspersky Security Center?
  3. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    Response from my employer: Claude, Tell them that we can use the cleaner, but have one overriding concern, which is that I had made a number of customizations to my settings, which I don’t remember in detail. I do not want to lose my settings! I know that I had to make some changes to the firewall rules, and also that I turned off a couple of other features which were interfering with some of my software development operations. It will cost me a lot of time if I need to repeat all of the work Unfortunately, I cannot start the Kaspersky GUI, so I am not in a position to do screen captures. The bottom line is that I want to make sure that I can either keep my settings while re-installing the software, or alternatively re-import my settings from a backup drive. So, Kirill - Is there a way to store or export the configuration
  4. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    Yes, we only have the issue on one client. We are getting errors when we try to reinstall the network agent. We have the 256 version installed but when we try to run the installation file, we get the error: "The installed AES-56 encryption libraries do not correspond to the AES-256 encryption libraries in this package." We decided to try installing the AES-56 version and then we got the exact reverse message: "The installed AES-256 encryption libraries do not correspond to the AES-56 encryption libraries in this package." How can this be?
  5. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    We are not using KSC to manage windows updates NetworkAgentPolicy.klp
  6. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    Not sure what you mean. Which Windows Update are you seeing as causal? What do you mean by "recon the Windows update"?
  7. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    Only one - we have Kaspersky running on about 12 machines
  8. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    I have generated the requested files. You can download them here: http://www.eelpotflats.com/files/forkaspersky.zip
  9. Network agent crashing, locking up PC

    I have asked him to generate one. Is someone going to send me a link for uploading these files?
  10. My employer is having a problem with his network agent - below is his description. I have his dump file and Kaspersky Event Viewer file ready to go. Can't upload here because of 4 MB limitation: · I don’t know of anything which prompted this. It had been at least 3 weeks since my last Windows Update in January. · My first indication of a problem was that I found my system frozen the morning of Tuesday, 2/13. Screen had a normal display, but keyboard & mouse did nothing. Single-press on power button did nothing. Five-second hold on power button shut the machine down. · After reboot, I checked the Event Log. “klnagent” was dumping once every second. This went back to some time Monday, stopped at 9:12 PM Monday (presumably when the system hung) and started again 9:54 Tuesday, after re-boot. I couldn’t tell when it actually started, because the Kaspersky hive of the event log had filled up. There are three messages repeating: o klnagent: Unhandled exception 0xC06D007F (?) occured at address 0x76E408B2 on thread 0x00002E20 in process 1364 o dump 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent\~dumps\~klnagent-0.dmp' has been recorded for process 1364. o Process 1364 '\Device\HarddiskVolume3\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent\klnagent.exe' will be terminated due to the exclusion VCPP_ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND (c06d007f), which occurred in the module 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll' at the address 0x76e408b2. The memory dump 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent\~dumps\~klnagent-0.dmp' has been created. · The only effect on other ops was slowness · Steps I’ve tried: o Right-click KLN SysTray app, and select “Pause”: errors continued, including after reboot. o Disable KLN service and reboot: Errors stopped o KLN SysTray app no longer showing. o Windows Start, search Kaspersky, select Kaspersky Endpoint Protection desktop: nothing happens. o Even turning service back on and rebooting: errors start again, but no ability to start Kaspersky desktop app. I’ve now re-enabled Windows Defender and Windows firewall, until this problem is resolved.
  11. In my second post above, I believe I did provide those cleaner logs.
  12. It's not present in "Programs and Features" It's not present in the Start menu There does not appear to be any folders for it in "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" It is not listed in "Services" Is there any other place you'd like me to check?
  13. You should be able to click on this and get a "save-to" dialog. Since we're doing it this way, I ran the get-info tool again and included the Event Viewer logs: www.eelpotflats.com/Files/GSI6_CJWIN10-P02_cjones_08_11_2017_09_12_01.zip
  14. Third try - There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200
  15. I tried to include the Event Viewer logs but the file was over 5MB and your system told me to upload up to 4MB. It has failed to upload without explanation the smaller 2.3 MB file. I will try again with a new reply. Even with a new reply, it's saying I'm not allowed to upload more than 4MB. The file is only 2.3MB - is the upload size cumulative?