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  1. windows10 15063 x64 SAAS19.0.0.422 ZH-CN Avp service crash during processing a malware.Trace is on before the crash. 1 I disabled file-antivirus,in order to test another problem(not this one) 2 run the sample 3 HIPS report a virus using signature,than blocked it from started by OS. Also a disinfect was initialized. 4 I wait for a long time to hear from a 'deleted' report. An avp service dump was found. Trace+dump+GSI6+sample: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/dA5TUjeiatsojOU
  2. Here are traces https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/AAdKFemcWWXqnIJ
  3. I think I have some problems access https://cloud.qainfo.ru/apps/files/ I can not open the page even using a VPN I wonder,the problem is on my side or........
  4. Windows10 Pro 15063.483 x64 SAAS19.0.0.422 ZH-CN I think I have some problem with home network protection. I can find another proper section to post,so,I post it here. 1 When I 'forget this network' than reboot avp It takes very long time to show such page:' You have connect to Wifi XXX,is it your home network? Yes,show my network' 2 When I 'forget this network' and show it again The current device will show for a second than turn gray,just like this:(GE60 should be the current device,it is gray.Only my phone is displayed) Traces: I think I have some problem access https://cloud.qainfo.ru/ I will try later #4453
  5. Hello I have update problem now. Update AH module failed. I have tried other VPN and waited for many hours in case there is any maintains in the update server. Anyone else having same problem?
  6. KIS19.0.0.417 ZH-CN Windows10 Pro 15063 x64 I was just surfing the internet than avp icon disappear,shortly,it restart. https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/XSUflYIn1Q0vzmE http://bug.qainfo.ru/redmine/issues/4440
  7. Windows10 Pro 15063 x64 SAAS19.0.0.417 ZH-CN Also found an avp dump,did not notice any crash. https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/qWuYEwxKpWQ1Vy0
  8. We have a lot of new UI! Great!
  9. Running it for two days,and it is quite stable.
  10. suggestion: When we go to Settings-Protection-Application Control-Manage Resources Right side of the window,the default display method,should be Collapse All,but not Expand All we often choose a protected resource in the left than go to right side and change the corresponding group policy. According to the current design,when we click one protected resources,the trusted group will be expanded in the right.These well-known apps are rarely modified. What users want to control are those low/high restricted group.It will be easy to find them if these groups are collapsed by default.
  11. yep...I now can able to open those closed topic.
  12. I see my files were downloaded some days ago,any result from dev?
  13. http://bug.qainfo.ru/redmine/projects/a0000000081 I mean old topic for released version like 2018. All closed subject(fixed and rejected) and also some remaining subject were moved to some where we can't find. when I click one of the closed one,it shows nothing Actually sometimes I really want to check an old topic,sometimes want to quote an old topic.