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  1. The object is probably packed so it may be hard to unpack it and scan it. Usually processing an object will only take few seconds. The object should be a Potentially unwanted/harmfu program. I do not suggest use it.
  2. I think you need to contact official kaspersky tech support and attach a GSI6 report in your case. how to generate a gsi report: https://support.kaspersky.com/3632#block1
  3. you should try disinfect and restart computer option. this method will start Advanced Disinfection. after advanced disinfection complete, your PC will auto reboot, than a full scan will start, wait till it finish In this way, the root cause may be eliminated. You can also try upgrade your KIS to 2019 version.
  4. That are modules inject into chrome processes to insure security. Lots of other anti-virus software also do so.. I suggest you describe your problems in detail so we can identify if it is related to kaspersky. You can try re-install Chrome first.
  5. I confirm build 1.0.1314 do not fix the problem. I will try contact support again. If any KL employee see this post Please help with the case. My case is INC000009514790 It has been too long. long enough for people to question your ability to solve problems
  6. you can install 19 on top of 18. here is an online installer for KIS19 english version. https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/homeuser/kis2019/ If you concern GDPR, use this installer. https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/homeuser/kis2019/ Kingdom(en-GB)/kis19.0.0.1088aen_14168.exe
  7. It is hard to find a offline installer now You should try contact official kaspersky lab tech support.
  8. enough for file anti-virus actually File will be fully scaned when execution. You can also set general scan level to High, and perform quick scan regularly
  9. Sadly I can not block camera access even I use hips module..... avp can not stop windows taking a photo of my face
  10. Another interesting thing............ avp can not block tencent QQ receive audio stream....I have set hips blocking all program access to microphone QQ somehow Survived but other windows app indeed can not use my microphone. see below reports. 06.08.2018 19.17.40;Application is not allowed to receive audio stream;Settings;Settings;C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe;08/06/2018 19:17:40 06.08.2018 19.17.41;Application is not allowed to receive audio stream;Speech Runtime Executable;Speech Runtime Executable;C:\Windows\System32\Speech_OneCore\common\SpeechRuntime.exe;08/06/2018 19:17:41 windows app are blocked using microphone, but there is even no record about QQ have ever used my microphone...... It looks I have to open another tech support ticket. By the way, It is unbelievable that a bug can be easily produced. Especially a bug only concerns product's Basic function. I do not major in programing, but I felt it is unbelievable that K‘s products always have too many bugs............There should be a good practice to maintain a high quality of a product, isn't it?
  11. Blocking screen-shot in safe money is another function. Camera protection is hips based separate function.
  12. Sadly Any means of support in china do not work in weekends. Actually I believe that K products with camera protection will all be effected....... How about you? Can you reproduce the bug? Can you tell me your OS? regards

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