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  1. Also report here that patch build 634 is stable. Having been running for about 3 days. { "autopatch": { "donor": { "build": "KAVKIS-18-MP0-", "version": "" } }, "format": "1.0", "modules": [ { "build": "KAVKIS-18-MP0-", "name": "bl.ppl", "version": "" }, { "build": "KAVKIS-18-MP0-", "name": "lic.ppl", "version": "" } ] }
  2. Above post was Cursed windows10 Pro 16299.125 x64 KIS18.0.0.405(g) ZH-CN Anti ScreenShot function do not work when I open safe money protected broswer. I tried different payment websites and broswers(IE and Chrome), but screenshot was taken successfully using third patry softwares. And the whole reproduce was recoreded as a video. Using ARK tool, I see driver KLHK.sys indeed running in core. Traces+GSI6+video uploaded: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/hbfUGXY3Z972Cj6
  3. Very stable patch. No crash and slow down till now. Will keep updating and monitoring.

    en-us build proved to be stable》having performed multiple tasks and having been kepted running for nearly a day, without a glitch. However it became a disaster if I install zh-cn build build. OS low performance with traces and verifiers disabled, several seconds waiting to open taskmanager or flash desktop, half a minute to process a malware, very long time for avp fully loaded.......I already do not know how I express myself.... Honestly, a localized version which has such serious problems undetected or repaired for a long time, can not still remain stealth to employee from KL china. I think I have to perform a clean installation of my OS, to discover whether it is my problem or kaspersky's.
  5. [2019] GUI/Help

    Windows10 16299.125 x64 KIS19.0.0.1001zh-cn A small translation problem at software updater and software cleaner. First time you use these modules, you may need to update databases. When updating, product tells you that you should wait untill the update process finished. The translation of the sentence has little grammatical issue. It should be: 请等待特征库更新 or 请等待特征库更新完毕 or 请等待,正在更新特征库. Not 请等待更新特征库.
  6. [2019] GUI/Help

    Windows10 16299.125 x64 KIS19.0.0.1001zh-cn Some simplified chinese localization problem at end of installation wizard. 1 http://bug.qainfo.ru/issues/5330 When product installation finish, there is a translation problem for one of the recommended settings ' automatic delete malicious tools, adware, auto dialer......' ( I can not remember exact descriptions in english). The simplified chinese translations just forgot the Verb delete, and there is only Object. Only noun can not assemble a whole sentence. You should add a Verb here. Like ' 删除恶意工具,广告软件,自动拨号软件和可疑打包程序。' 2 http://bug.qainfo.ru/issues/5342 The above image also show that there are NO full stop mark at end of some recommended settings. Or you can add semicolon at end of a sentence.
  7. [2019] GUI/Help

    Windows10 16299.125 x64 KIS19.0.0.1001zh-cn The shadow for the backward button of the tech support tab is nearly invisible compared with shadow of other backward button. Here are some images, you can compare those shadow. First picture show what exact those buttons looks like when your mouse cursor do not move to the backward buttons. The second show how pale the shadow looks like when you move your mouse cursor to the backward buuton of tech support tab. The third show how easy to distinguish the shadow looks when you move your mouse cursor to the other backward buttons in the product. Actually that is because the background of tech support tab is grey. You may need to make the color darker so that users can easily tell that they have already move cursor to the right place. Also the so called tactile feedback can be better. It is a UI interaction thing, right?
  8. [2019] GUI/Help

    Windows10 16299.125 x64 SAAS19.0.0.1001en-us When intstall the product, there is a gap between two elements. the gap will be much longer if the installer is in Chinese.
  9. [2019] GUI/Help

    Windows10 16299.125 x64 SAAS19.0.0.1001en-us When I press About button, the product jump to Kaspersky Lab news tab, but that page keepd loading, never shows anything. By design? Not a good idea~~~~ Users may just want to see your dev team when they press About And why the news never shows?
  10. [2019] GUI/Help

    Still reproduced using SAAS19.0.0.1001 en-us
  11. [2019] GUI/Help

    I installed KIS19.0.0.963 zh-cn, and also got stable reproduce of this problem.
  12. [2019] GUI/Help

    windows10 16299.125 x64 SAAS19.0.0.963 en-us There is NO notification pop up when avp detect a coinminer sample. While I was testing the product, I download a sample which is a coinminer, detected as PUP by avp. But when avp detected it, there is no notification pop up. I mean, both the kaspersky traditional style and windows10 action center style. But actually there is a warning in Kaspersky's notification center. I can indeed handle the detection without problem. There just no notification to let me know that avp has got a detection. After that I tried other malware samples and web threats, the notification pop up mechanism works well. Also I have reset all hidden notification in avp settings-additional-notifications-reset all hidden notifications. Still No pop up when detect the sample. Traces: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/24rmuufd9yBOolR
  13. [2019] Other (AVZ/RD/MasterCD/KPC/KSDE)

    windows10 16299.125 x64 SAAS19.0.0.963en-us In Devices In My Network, my current device will always shown as disconnected(grey color) when the search is completed. If I press Refresh, at the middle of the search, my current device will be displayed properly, but when the search is finished, it gone dark. upload traces: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/dvEOobdoDEJjteV
  14. windows10 16299.125 x64 SAAS19.0.0.963en-us Webcam protection do not work when I open my camera using Tencent QQ. I have reported this problem in INC000008572247 and got Bug 2484338:[SUPPORT] Webcam protection doesn''t work on integrated webcam Unfortunately this problem can be reproduced both in 2018 and 2019 version. How I reproduce the problem: 1 turn off File-AV and Web-AV just reduce the size of trace files. 2 open UWP camera program, and there is green notification box on top of screen. 3 open QQ and in its settings try enable camera preview. The image is shown but there is NO green kaspersky notification on screen. And there is no events recorded in avp reports that QQ has used camera. 4 disable all camera access in avp settings by clicking ' Block access to webcam for all applications' 5 open UWP camera program, there is no image shown and the app told me it has no right to access to the webcam. 6 open QQ and enable camera. The camera is actually enabled and image is shown. There is NO events about it in avp reports. Avp failed to block QQ from using the webcam. Upload traces and a video that helps understand the problem. https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/TNnCO09Y6Hq29ho

    This build is indeed quite stable. Since the product will always release in summer, i think there is no need to post a RC so hurry this time. Dev can take more time to carry out a 'perfect' final release. Those minor bugs can be fixed before RC.