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  1. Hello I have just reinstalled avp 2018,looks like I have not received this pack of updates at the moment, is it ok? may be i need wait few days longer??? Thanks
  2. Hello Is there any one encountered this BSOD with windows10 version 14393? Or, you all use 15063? Dose this BSOD happen accidentally or there are some certain setps that lead the problem? Thanks
  3. Project "QA Info", an external bug tracker

    Also works fine here It looks really great!!!!!!!
  4. [2019] Crashes/Dumps/BSOD

    SAAS19.0.0.507 zh-cn windows10 15063 x64 https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/EGlJyHDweWJDsHp https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/s6C03sHO31v99pJ Don't know if these two dumps are the same....
  5. [2019] GUI/Help

    windows10 15063 x64 SAAS19.0.0.507 zh-cn translate problem happen in PC Cleaner notification ' detect apps you rarely used' The '应用程序检测到很少使用' , should be '检测到您很少使用的应用程序' the
  6. [2019] Crashes/Dumps/BSOD

    SAAS19.0.0.507 zh-cn windows10 15063 x64 I have experienced same avp crash as Jowi avp crashed when I try to use home network protection》 also, it shows nothing in my network. Traces+dump+GSI6: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/6dqjkrYabj1DuFc
  7. [2019] GUI/Help

    windows10 15063 x64 SAAS19.0.0.507 zh-cn in safe money settings the descriptions for the check box of Anti-Screenshot function is not complete,it only shows half of the sentence. see picture:

    KIS19.0.0.507 en -us I was told that the 91 days trial will expire soon. And always give me an alert about it. Is it by design....... It is sad to face this RED ALERT everyday....
  9. [2019] Crashes/Dumps/BSOD

    windows10 15063 x64 SAAS19.0.0.422 ZH-CN Avp service crash during processing a malware.Trace is on before the crash. 1 I disabled file-antivirus,in order to test another problem(not this one) 2 run the sample 3 HIPS report a virus using signature,than blocked it from started by OS. Also a disinfect was initialized. 4 I wait for a long time to hear from a 'deleted' report. An avp service dump was found. Trace+dump+GSI6+sample: https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/dA5TUjeiatsojOU
  10. [2019] Other (AVZ/RD/MasterCD/KPC/KSDE)

    Here are traces https://cloud.qainfo.ru/s/AAdKFemcWWXqnIJ
  11. Project "QA Info", an external bug tracker

    It is ok now~~~
  12. Project "QA Info", an external bug tracker

    I think I have some problems access https://cloud.qainfo.ru/apps/files/ I can not open the page even using a VPN I wonder,the problem is on my side or........
  13. [2019] Other (AVZ/RD/MasterCD/KPC/KSDE)

    Windows10 Pro 15063.483 x64 SAAS19.0.0.422 ZH-CN I think I have some problem with home network protection. I can find another proper section to post,so,I post it here. 1 When I 'forget this network' than reboot avp It takes very long time to show such page:' You have connect to Wifi XXX,is it your home network? Yes,show my network' 2 When I 'forget this network' and show it again The current device will show for a second than turn gray,just like this:(GE60 should be the current device,it is gray.Only my phone is displayed) Traces: I think I have some problem access https://cloud.qainfo.ru/ I will try later #4453

    Hello I have update problem now. Update AH module failed. I have tried other VPN and waited for many hours in case there is any maintains in the update server. Anyone else having same problem?