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  1. Upgrading KES 10 SP1 MR3 to KES 10 SP2 it's major upgrade that requiered disk decription. Not required disk decryption is only minor upgrade(upgrade by patch).
  2. К сожалению да, поддержка XP в KES 10 SP2 будет прекращена.
  3. Можно, но это не основной сценарий распространения.
  4. Hello, GUI does not chage in MR3 update.
  5. You need to try kavremover(http://support.kaspersky.com/common/service.aspx?el=1464) it's seems that some info of KES8 present in system.
  6. Hi, can you clarify your case: What windows version was upgraded to Windows 10(Win7x86(x64) Pro, Enterprise, home)? What product and what bundle was installed in old windows? What you have done after upgrade to windows 10? How do you upgrade to windows 10(by iso or windows update)? What options was chosen during upgrade to windows 10?
  7. Pls answer for some questions: 1. What version of windows 8.1 did you have?(Ultimate or Enterprise or some else) 2. If i understood correctly you tried remove KES 10 Sp1 after update to windows 10 from control panel? If yes pls provide us uninstall logs. 3. Could you clarify your case, by what method you update 8.1 to 10?(iso image, usb-flash drive or by windows update service)
  8. 1. You need to clean your system by kavremover utility http://support.kaspersky.com/common/service.aspx?el=1464 2. After that you can install KES10 SP1MR2 Beta. Note: Beta can be activated only by beta key that can be activated only for 30 day before key will expired. When KES10SP1MR2 will be released you can activated it by commercial license, but before installing release version you will be need to delete Beta manually (pls do not use any third-party software for deleting our product, use Programs and Feathers in Control Panel or kavremover or task on SC side to delete product)
  9. Which version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 concretely did you have? How you uninstalled product after update to windows 10? what version of windows you used before update to windows 10? How you update to windows 10 by ISO or maybe by windows update? Pls provide us export of registry HKLM key.
  10. What product was installed before on this host? In log there is some information about product installed before.
  11. We know about this problem, it will be fixed in future releases.
  12. Необходимы логи установки с проблемного хоста.
  13. Please provide us traces from this host and registry export hklm/software/kaspersy lab
  14. Could you please provide us ISO image of WIndows 10 that you have used?
  15. What option you choosed when update to win 10 (look sreen)? And what version of windows 7 you had? Professional, enterise or home?
  16. To what build of windows 10 you updated? It's strange because installer of windows 10 must before update check incompatible software and detect our product.
  17. Установка на хосты с приватными патчами которые в себя не включает MR2 к сожалению не возможна.
  18. Да необходимо установить дополнительно плагин для Беты, политика от SP1MR1 не будет работать для Беты.
  19. Sorry i misunderstood your questions, to install MR2 you need decrypt all disks, BUT next release patches will not need decrypt all disks to install new version of patch.
  20. Pls clarify your case step by step. As i understand you have win7 x64(or x86?) with our product KES10SP1? After that you update to windows 10(by wich way? update by ISO or by windows update servisce?). After update you deleted KES10sp1(by wich way? command promt or by add and remove service in control panel?) any info can be important.
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