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  1. KIS 2017 is still supported as well as some older versions. https://support.kaspersky.com/support/support_table#home Also, if you are logged into your "My Kaspersky" website, there is a notification in the 'Devices' sub menu that tells you there is a updated version.
  2. Your license is good for 2018 KIS. Download and save the installation file for KIS 2018 to your desktop but DO NOT run yet then proceed with the uninstallation process of KIS 2014.
  3. Try uninstalling Flash Player via Windows Control Panel and reinstall. Make sure you uncheck optional offers prior to download. https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
  4. I guess there are two ways one could consolidate your licenses and reflect the changes on the My Kaspersky account. One way would be to rename the computer in Windows to something unique to identify each Lenovo computer and have it sync to your Kaspersky account to reflect the changes. Another way is to delete each computer from your account and add it to your account again with a unique name to distinguish each computer, which is basically what you would do if you first installed the software and synced it to the website. I'm seem to recall doing the first option, renaming the computer through Windows, and it working for me.
  5. That doesn't look like the standard GSI log. You should try again and upload the small zip file GetSystemInfo > computer name > date created
  6. I just found this on another forum: Kaspersky has answered on bugzilla: "It is our (Kaspersky) fault. We have an “anti-cryptor” feature, which can save user files if a malicious software encrypts it. However, there is a bug in this feature driver, which sometimes leads to BSOD. Also, there was an additional bug that FireFox 57 identifies as an unknown software, which should be deeply monitored. Combination of these two bugs led to frequent BSOD if Kaspersky 2018 and FireFox 57 are installed on the computer. Tomorrow we are going to update our bases, to minimize the problem. I'll let you know, when update happens. Complete fix will be with KIS2018 patch E before 15-Dec-2017."
  7. In addition, in General Settings, you can also disable KIS at computer startup.
  8. According to the Kaspersky German forum, the problem will be addressed in Patch E Translation: According to KL-Moscow the problem will be solved with the upcoming patch "E". If you have experience with betas, you can already test the patch.
  9. Thanks. Yes, patches are released based on region. Also, depending on what OS platform, a released patch after download might require a restart such as W8.1 and 10 platforms.
  10. I tend to agree with what Harlan is saying about KSN, UDS and PDM sending traffic for the purpose of analysis for better security protection, but I think what Zerkms is concerned about is if a user is compromising privacy for improved security. Such as what files (sensitive or non-sensitive) with malware attached are being sent to Kaspersky Labs for analysis and what privacy protections are in place that will protect sensitive data from being analyzed along with the suspected malware. I think this is a complicated question that is probably not going to be answered accurately on a forum or tech support given the recent news.
  11. This happened to me once after a corrupt download of one of KIS's components. What I did was turned off Rootkit Scan, rebooted and turned Rootkit Scan back on and restarted again. Wait 30 minutes and see if it Rootkit starts. Not sure if this method will work for you, but its worth a shot. If not, I would try a reinstall.
  12. Macrium uses encryption when creating an image. I would think there needs to be a built-in decryption tool in KIS. This is probably a question that can be definitively answered by someone on development team
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