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  1. I just renewed my license and upgraded to KTS today. I followed all the installation advice to the "T" including reading the post at the top of this Forum. Current version is stated as, yet every download link I tried, including the one linked from the forum sticky itself, resulted in the installation of In searching through some current posts it sounds like .445 has been pulled.... however there is some fairly recent advice to various posters to go to .445. Can this be clarified please? If .445 is indeed the most current and available, could someone post a proper link to get me to that download? I have several devices to update and don't really want to spend needless time de-installing .614d and reinstalling .445 if at all possible. If 614d is the current version, perhaps the header on the sticky could be changed to reflect that?? Thanks for the assist, much appreciated.
  2. I guess I will add my voice to this thread. I retired from a major Fortune 50 corporation last year, where all my security needs were taken care of bundled in a corporate image. When I left the company, naturally I did a lot of research looking at various security software companies and made the decision to go with KIS 14. A little learning curve since it was different than the other very major security player that was embedded in my corporate machine, but after a bit of up front education and tweaking, it was all good. So along comes my time to renew in March. I didn't do any due diligence this time - bad on me - and just hit "RENEW" and of course "PAY" for 2015 ( a). It didn't take very long to realize I had some serious performance problems. After scanning and rebooting over and over and then coming upon this forum thread, I went into task manager and lo, there is avp.exe pegging my CPU at 99%....a lot. I read the thread and held out that "coming soon" meant just that "soon"...measurable in weeks, not months. I am trying to create a small business, email is critical and to read that work-arounds are to roll back to 2014 or disable email scans? That should be offered only as a short-term fix, not a solution that is to be depended on for weeks, now months. I'm deeply disappointed in a company with the reputation Kaspersky has, that they let their individual and SMB customers hang in the wind. It is now mid-May, and the b version hasn't been released yet. Perhaps Kaspersky is focusing on their large enterprise accounts and figures the hoi polloi will just go away. I'm giving Kaspersky till the end of May and then I will look into contesting my credit card charge for a product that is damaged. The ultimate irony is that I was trying to get into this forum last night, but my performance was terrible. It took much time to even get into task manager to see that, to no surprise, avp.exe had my cpu in melt-down again. Rebooted, and tried to check the forum for latest status and performance was so horrible, I just gave up and went to bed.
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