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  1. Kaspersky Total Security no longer appears in the list of Installed programs, i.e. in Programs and Features. So that route can't be used. I then tried the program "Remove Kaspersky Total Security" which produces the error message from Windows Installer that "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed" Kaspersky Total Security seems to be still working. How do I proceed? (I want to install Kaspersky Total Security on a new computer, but need to remove this copy to avoid having too many activations.
  2. I have just got a new licence for KIS2016. How do I migrate to Kaspersky Total Security? (The present insructions on the website refer to 2014 products.) What is the cost? Is there a table comparing the features of KIS and KTS (Current versions)
  3. The "B" version was provided by using a different (specifed by Kaspersky) update source. Unfortunately updates for the "B" version no longer seems to have any updates from either the new or normal update sources. Hence I reinstalled the "A" version on one computer and updates appear for that computer. I don't believe they have fixed the "A" version (hence my sarcastic comment), but the trial version ("B") that had the fix seems to have fallen off the update regime, so you either have out of date virus signatures ("B" version), or no email scanning / high CPU usage problem.
  4. I have reinstalled KIS2015 on the W8.1 computer. It updated the databases and says K..I..S.. Databases release date 19/05/2015 09:42. No "(" after 361 though. Will I have problems with high CPU load with this version? Under reports it also says "Not all components were updated" The W7 computer is still on K..I..S.. and the databases release date is 15/05/2015 10.17. Perhaps this version has fallen off the database update radar like KIS2012...
  5. from page 9 of http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=316779 (KIS 2015 MR2 Mail Antivirus blocks E-Mail-traffic and causes high CPU-load ) Version 2014 is ok/fine; ... http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/product...0.4651en-gb.exe (from page http://support.kaspersky.co.uk/kis2014#downloads)
  6. Did that. No change. Looks for files (3% processing) then get an error "A network failure occured while downloading updates"
  7. This didn't work. No update files were found to analyse. (The normal server does download a 5.25kB file before saying there are no new updates). I also tried restarting the computer. This didn't work either.
  8. The update of the AV Databases appears to have stopped as well. Mine are dated 10:17 on 15/05/2015 (3 days ago). The response from the Auto updates (every couple of hours) is "No available update packages". Have Kaspersky gone away, or are there really no new threats?
  9. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, and problems of high CPU usage and inabilty to download emails started intermittently soon after. This means it is difficult to be certain that the problem has been solved. During the most recent "bad" spell I disabled scanning POP3 email and then Mail AV completely. Neither had any effect, the problem persisted. I re-enabled all scanning and still had the problem, but after several subsequent starts of the computer Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 started behaving itself. Very confusing (and difficult to track down the problem). Hopefully the details I have sent to "Support" will be useful
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