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  1. Yes thank you uk-heliman, that is exactly what i mean. It should delete/blacklist/rename all attachment types...except the ones in the White/Allow list, only ALLOW for example: *.pdf , *.jpg , *.xlsx , *.docx ...that way "new" dangerous attachment types that the user doesn't know of, will also be blocked by default. Only allow what you have in the ALLOW list.....without having to add hundreds of unknown file extension types.
  2. I want to block ALL email attachment types with Kaspersky Endpoint 10. I only want to allow for example: *.jpg , *.xls , *.doc , *.pdf , Why cant Kaspersky delete all attachments and only allow the ones specified ?. Why must i manually add a thousand dangerous attachment types to the list and tick them for deletion ? Cant i BLOCK *.* types and ALLOW only wanted types *.jpg , *.xls , *.doc , *.pdf ...............? This means any new file types will not be in the list for deletion by "Mail Antivirus - Attachment Filtering" if you dont know about them to manually add them. Please help.
  3. Please add the option under Kaspersky Mail Antivirus Attachment Filter to delete ALL attachment types except the attachment types in the White/Allowed List. For example : Delete Attachments : *.* Allow Attachments: *.jpg , *.pdf , *.xls Currently one must add almost hundreds of unwanted attachments to the list to be TICKED for deletion,and untick the attachment types that are needed. That is backward thinking and a lot of hassle setting up. Please,this is crucial to combat unwanted dangerous attachments in emails,RATHER add to the list the attachments that we need,instead of adding hundreds that is dangerous and we dont need. Thank you,
  4. How can i delete all attachments except ones that are not selected?...can i add *.* to be deleted ? so that i can only specify a short list of attachments i want..instead of adding a 100000 attachment types i dont want..? Thank you,
  5. What PORTS will KSC use to contact Kaspersky Update Servers / Kaspersky Licensing Servers on the internet? I am trying to troubleshoot why there is ANONYMOUS LOGIN attempts via KSC to our RDP server (constant login retries in SECURITY log on Server. Is there a security Vulnerability in KSC 10 where hackers can intrude the KSC and reroute login attempts? As spesified above..its a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64Bit SP1 with latest KSC and Windows Updates...nothing else is installed or used on that machine...strictly for running Kaspersky SEC Center.
  6. Hi All, What TCP/UDP ports are used/must be open/will be active on a machine (Win7Pro-64bit SP1) where the Kaspersky Security Center 10 SP2 10.3.407 is installed on? The machine is used only for a platform to host KSC 10 SP2 10.3.407 ,there is nothing else installed on this machine (Fresh installation of Wn7Pro64 SP1 with all updates). For Example: If i do a port check with NETSTAT, what ports will i see that Kaspersky is using? The KES10 for Windows is also installed on this computer. Thank you for your time,
  7. Windows 10 Pro will not install Kaspersky Endpoint Securityv10.2.1.23 ..operating system not supported. What version of KES10 can i download that will install and work on Windows 10 Pro..? We are past the KIS2016 trial..the customer already bought a 20 user Kaspersky License for Business Endpoint Sec. All the Win10 machines are now using KIS instead of KES....whats going on at Kaspersky LABS ?? Please speed up the process...clients are moving over to other Antivirus brands because of this. Thank you.
  8. Hi Support… Please see attached pic..we need a kaspersky for server2008 (8 users acessing the server from thinclients and each user using Outlook with a POP3 account set up on it) that can scan incoming and outgoing email and that has the attachment filter ability, It MUST have the attachmet filter option under Mailscan to delete the attachment types selected….Kes8 and Kes10 have that option but only on workstations…we need it on the Server with Outlook pop3 clients. With Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Mail Scan had those options…now with Kis2014/2015 it is gone…even Kaspersky for Server doesn’t have the Mail Scan settings … Please help ..as the Antivirus is useless if Malicious attachments can’t be deleted before the user opens it.. What Kaspersky product do you recommend..according to our kaspersky Supplier Kaspersky for Mail servers can only scan email attachments on Exchange when already opened..it doesn’t support “Mail Scan” using pop3 mailboxes and also doesn’t have the :Attachment Filetring option to either Rename or Delete certain Attachment types as specified
  9. a renamed .exe file or renamed .zip file wont open at least if the file extension is renamed to something else....Kaspersky is set to delete all attachments except for doc xls pdf jpg png pps etc.. the rest is deleted...Word or XLS cant open an exe file if it is renamed to a .doc file and mailed to a person.
  10. At least if you could set it to delete .exe and .zip files (containing Cryptolocker) the end user cant open it..even if it is renamed to .doc or .pdf ..if Kaspersky has the option to delete certain mail attachments as in Kis2013 the end user cant get Cryptolock virus types via email.. We had Crypto lock on various client computers where it simply came through even with the latest Kaspersky KIS2015 updated every 1 hour...Kaspersky didnt stop it once..even with KES8 and KES10 without the email attachment filter setting set to delete .exe .zip and .rar etc... it didnt stop malware from installing....KASPERSKY is USELESS without the "email Attachment Filter options to DELETE "... Why cant Kaspersky put that function back even on KES8/10 where a normal Server has RDP profiles setup with pop3 mailboxes..it can only scan the attachment files coming into a pop3 account in Outlook once the attachment has been opened and the pc has been compromised..at least with the option to delete the attachments immediately when Outlook collects the mail the PC is not compromised... How do you stop a user from opening a file.zip attachment with feab.exe inside it ...when he opens Outlook and collect emails from a pop3 account (all setup on a Server with RDP profile..from a thinclient) ??? Kaspersky is useless that way... Also the Kaspersky for Mail server doesnt have the ability to delete attachments with certain file types...it cant scan pop3 mail traffic...only scans Exchange...useless for the majority of clients that is using pop3 accounts or maildrop accounts..
  11. Kaspersky Labs dont think its important to be able to "Filter Email Attachments"..so they left it out in newer versions..that is why i use Kis2013..because Kis2015 doesnt have that function anymore.. Now we cant stop nasty attachments from reaching end users...because Kaspersky Labs thinks it is not important to be able to delete Malicious attachments. That's the reason so many people's pc's are wrecked by the Decryptor variants out there...sad.
  12. Can any of you clever people please tell me what the "Email Attachment Filtering" options like "Delete attachment of these types" are for.. ..and what is the "Rename Attachment of these types" are for.. see pic attached.
  13. How else can home users block unwanted attachments containing DECRYPTOR/Cryptolock/Crilock software. Attachment Filtering works 100% on KES8 ,KAV1424,KIS2013. What other Internet Security software from other manufacturers support Attachment filtering options for Windows8. It was a stupid decision by Kaspersky to open the email backdoor for unwanted attachments containing .exe files etc. How do people stop attachments containing malicious software from reaching their computers without the option to DELETE unwanted .exe .zip attachments. That was one way of suppressing the spread of DECRYPTOR/Cryptolock/Crilock software ...now there's one function less. Anybody else pissed off?
  14. We need attachment filtering to work on KIS2015 because we are using it on laptops with Win8. We need to have the option to delete .exe .zip .lnk files in the attachment filtering settings. Where has attachment filtering gone to ? Why is it only available on KIS2013 ...not on KIS2014/2015 .. :angry2:
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