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  1. Sorry it took so long to get back here. This can be closed. Found the cause to the issue. "Always look to the simplest solution first" which I did not. I ran out of licenses. Problem solved (as soon as I can get more licenses that is.)
  2. Yes - about 133 out of 135 had no issue. One that did, strangely enough, worked properly the next day. This one (a laptop) still has not. And Yes, I have KSC running on a Virtual Server.
  3. Don't know how, but i seem to have put in 2+ sets of my 4 images.
  4. Not sure if I am catching the right place that you are looking for. Adding new license - img 01 Key added - img 02 Key accepted - img 3 After clicking on 'Finish' - img 04
  5. If I did this right (haven't used Dropbox before this) then it should be here > https://www.dropbox.com/s/3e3t670zzugit1q/GSI6_CC-RECORDING_administrator_03_25_2019_10_24_44.zip?dl=0 Please let me know if you were able to use this link.
  6. Comes out to 12 meg in size, trying to make it smaller Even without the Windows event logs, it comes out to 8.5 meg in size. Do you have another way to get the GSI file?
  7. On a few of my workstations, after upgrading from to, KES does not accept the license currently installed. When I reinstall the license, it shows and good, but then just dumps it and says there is no license. Now, strangely enough, the workstation I did the update on just yesterday and could not get the license in, now is showing as active using my currently license. Any ideas as to what causes this? Edit: I forgot to mention that on some, but not all workstations, I have to un-install NA 10.5.1781 just to it can be re-installed.
  8. Is there an updated version of the KAV removal tool? One that will remove all of KES 11?
  9. The one I've been working on in my shop (endpoint opens after every reboot/restart) does not have anything in the 'startup' folder. (Wish Win10 had let that where it could be found more easily, lol.) As for all the other that this happens on, I strongly doubt it as none of those individuals have the access for it.
  10. I hope that this is not the actual cause, as then I have a bunch of workstations about to die on me. chkdsk /scan show no errors. rebooted anyway and endpoint windows still pops up.
  11. What/where are the bad blocks and how do I get rid of them? Are they causing the Endpoint window to open on reboot/restart?
  12. Try this link and let me know if it works. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5gjszneoxei2cz4/AABnRV28mKa2svsA2N3BkXtCa?dl=0
  13. Apologies for taking so long. Where can I submit the GSI report?? With the Win event logs - it's 4.9MB in size, can only submit 4.0MB. Reran without event logs, size is 3.0MB but get a process error trying to upload it. GSI6_IT-011_itsupport_04_18_2018_09_55_31-2.zip
  14. I ran the trace during a reboot (yes, window came up again), and there are a total of 8 files that vary in size. Zipping and sending most of them. One of the - KES. - is 4244 KB in size, compressed and I cannot send. Which is probably the one you need. KES.
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