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  1. Absolutely! The issue I have may not show up depending on what software you are running on your PC and whether you are using the iOS or Android version of Safe Kids Beta. However, speaking just about my installation (Windows 8.1 64-bit and iOS on iPOD), I have absolutely no means of configuring Safe Kids. The application on the iPod provides no configuration options at all when I login as a parent / administrator. When I login to my PC control panel at center.kaspersky.com and click on the "Safe Kids (Beta)" menu option, all I see is a promo page for Safe Kids. I have no control panel for Safe Kids and absolutely no means of changing the configuration of Safe Kids. So why do I want to uninstall? Because the default settings on Safe Kids automatically removes access to certain applications and features and then does not provide any option to modify those settings. For example, Safari is COMPLETELY DISABLED all of the time. You can't install an alternative browser because installing a browser is blocked by Safe Kids. I have a Password Keeper - the application is blocked. The device is not able to be used outside certain hours. I can't modify those hours. I don't mind testing or trying out this beta software but (a) I expect to have access to a Control Panel so I can configure how I want it to work and ( I expect to be given a simple uninstall option that is described completely and accurately by the software vendor. Neither of these things is true for Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  2. So the uninstall instructions you provided are not accurate/correct then???
  3. I have installed Safe Kids Beta on my child's iPod but do not want to continue testing as there are too many problems with the software to continue. I just want to uninstall the software. I have followed the instructions but the passcode provided to delete the Kaspersky Safe Kids Profile does not work. Safe Kids is currently preventing my son from using Safari and there is no means of configuring restriction settings. When i log in to center.kaspersky.com, there is no "Children" tab, as described on this forum. There is a "Safe Kids Beta" tab but all this shows is promotional information about Safe Kids. There are NO SETTINGS to configure. The system also tells me I have 18 messages but when I click on the notification I just get taken to the standard promotional page for Safe Kids https://center.kaspersky.com/MyKids with no information about my account. I'm not expecting Technical Support for the software as I understand it is in beta. I just want to remove the software and all traces of it from my account.
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