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  1. QUOTE(Michel-B @ 31.03.2016 09:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Possibly related to the following? http://support.kaspersky.com/12662 This worked for me. Thanks for pointing it out
  2. Hi There, I've uninstalled the beta version , and now have Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows server installed. It has accepted the license , however I am unable to start the application control element either from the local console or from the security center console. The error given under the task logs is End user License Agreement has been violated. Reason:Task run blocked by license. This is despite application control being listed under the licensed features for the key file. Any ideas?
  3. Hi There, Was there any solution supplied for this in the end? I have a customer with exactly the same issue as this. Thanks, James.
  4. Hi There, We are currently testing the above on several Xenapp 6.5 servers . So far there haven't been any stability issues- so good work on that. There are a few questions off the back of this testing. Full Scan option. There doesn’t seem to be one under the on demand scan section. There is a scan at operating system start-up and Scan of critical areas. Feel free to point it out if there is one. Application Control We currently have this in Testing mode so we can see what Kaspersky would have blocked. Is there a way to export this is a list. I.e. say this is a typical config, please exclude these processes. From what I can tell this doesn’t seem to be the case. I have turned on the Automatic generation of allowing rules option but this doesn’t seem to have the option to reference the Application control recorded events. Anti Cryptor. Does this feature mainly need to run on the file servers within the organisation? Or would it be possible to run it from the Citrix servers- given this is the most likely point of entry. The reason is we currently have several customers where the KSV agentless product is running against the file servers. Apply KSN cloud services for protection option within Real time protection settings. What exactly does this do ? The only documentation I have found points to sharepoint object protection. Thanks in advance, James.
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