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  1. Is there no way to exclude behavior detection based on the source of the behavior?
  2. But the applications are on another server, and the server which has the malicious issue only shows it as being an external connection. How would it identify the program?
  3. The Full GSI is 16101KB so I cannot attach. Is there another way to get it too you?
  4. Ok,Is this what you're looking for, I've had to do it in three sections to get all of the columns in
  5. Konstantin, I have attached the relevant lines from the report, is that sufficient? Behavior Detection Report.txt Thanks
  6. KES KSC 10.5.1781 I keep getting a behavior detection Malicious Object detected on a file server. I know this is a false report and is causing lots of issues after it rolls back some file moves. I need to exclude this detection but I cannot identify the application. I know it is a piece of software on a different server interacting with a file server as it should. But the software has multiple .exe files and all Kaspersky tells me is
  7. Hi Ivan, We have installed on a windows7 PC which also runs efi Fiery RIP software. When the patch is applied to the pc to push it to The Fiery software stops working. Even if we disable Kaspersky on this pc. It looks as if the upgrade breaks something in the efi Fiery RIP software. As a work around we want to deny the software upgrade to a selection of computers in a seperate group. Is this possible
  8. We have approved the patch which upgrades to Kaspersky Endpoint Security to version on our Security Center from . Unfortunately, installing the patch causes a piece of software on our systems to break. The software is Fiery RIP. The Fiery RIP is fine on but the act of upgrading stops the software running, even if we disable kaspersky after the upgrade. It then requires a complete rebuild of the application. Is there any way to prevent the patch being installed to a certain group of computers.
  9. Can anyone tell me which product I should put on my WIndows servers and the difference between them Security 10 for Windows Servers or Endpoint Security 11 for Windows These will be controlled by Security Center 10 Thanks
  10. Where in the policy can I disable this notification of cd/dvd drive being blocked?
  11. In Kaspersky Endpoint protection SP2 for windows, I have turned on auto scanning of usb devices. So when a USB stick is inserted it is automatically scanned. In Sp1 MR2 you could prevent a user cancelling this scan. I cannot find where to do this in SP2. Anybody help? Thanks
  12. We are using device control to block access to all CD/DVD drives. I have just upgraded our clients from Endpoint Security 10 SP1 MR2 to Endpoint Security 10 SP2. Now some of our users are getting constant messages about the CD/DVD drive being accessed. The users are not trying to access the CD/DVD drive but perhaps the o/s is. This is Windows 7. Is there any way to prevent these messages or filter them out? Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 SP2 with Kaspersky Security Center 10.3.407
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