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  1. My Dear Friend Don Pelotas, I must apologize but here I am again. I did what you told me, that is to say to delete it from Kaspersky and then make a scan again and this was my surprise in the attached file. I think it reproduces itself :dash1: :dash1: :dash1: :dash1: What can I do? (In simple language please since I am not at the knowhow level of most of the members of this wonderful forum). With my best regards and apologies to appear to be a pain in the neck, Jacques
  2. Hi Don Pelotas my friend!!! Thanks for this simple, straightforward and extremely clear reply !!!!! I'll do it immediately :cb_punk: Thanks a bunch, Jacques
  3. Hi Visconti, All junk deleted and trash too; I do it every time I receive mail. Could it be a mail from my hotmail account? Thanks for your feedback. There I have no problem to delete everything, but none has attachment. Please let me know. Last: Has this problem been neutralized by Kaspersky anyways by now? cheers, Jacques
  4. but my Dear Steve, 80% of my mails have attachments :dash1: How can I do that? I dont want to spend the rest of my life :aa: Best regards, Jacques
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks for feedback. I use Incredimail and have thousands of mails. How can i identify ONE mail? Can take me AGES ) The important is that Kaspersky neutralized it. Do you agree? Best reagards, Jacques
  6. Dear friends, I have run a FULL scan of my PC and a threat was detected and cannot be deleted. I attach a screenshot so you can see the path. The weird thing is that even with manual search I cannot find it. Could you please be so kind and tell me if there is any action I have to do or if everything is ok? Thanks and best wishes, Jacques
  7. No I did not I did not dare. I will wait because I remembered that *patience is a virtue* )) Thanks for all again my dear Don Pelotas. Best regards, Jacques
  8. Hi Don Pelotas, I cooled down and will go for the best solution since I am not a professional: I shall wait September or August and purchase a 3 user code and get the 30% discount. Thanks a lot for your always wonderful help as well as the memebers of this wonderful forum and please receive my best regards, Jacques
  9. I bought it Online at Kaspersky site. I'd love to download the latest to come if possible and in English. Mine will expire on 07 September 2008 ) Thanks
  10. Thanks Bazz^^. In fact is it possible to have the one to come today? I share your views: Only the very best and only one program to protect fully the PCs. Cheerios, Jacques
  11. Hi Don Pelotas: In few words: I want the very very very best from Kaspersky and in English. Only the very best and so I do not need any other software to protect my PC. I need to install it on 3 computers. Is it possible to have a licence for three as weel as a backup CD of the very very best that will come? I weird question: Is it possible to already have downloadable today what will come soon? I am sort of paranoic I know, but I aim for perfection ). Thanks for feedback and cheerios, Jacques
  12. Hi richbuff, Thanks for reply. That means that Kaspersky Security cannot be purchased today online? (Please see my reply to Don Pelotas. Yours sincerely, Jacques
  13. Hi my Friend. Please confirm that AdAware is not needed anymore. I live in Basel, was born in Argentina, french parents. Live here since ages. I would love to have it in English which is my favourite language when dealing with computers. Is the latest latest very latest Kaspersky SECURITY already available to buy it today? I would love to have it installed on 3 computers, and also a backup CD. I use Windows XP. Thanks Dear Don Pelotas for your always very prompt replies. Yours, Jacques.
  14. Dear friends, My licence with Kaspersky Antivirus will expire soon. I did not renew my licence of AdAware from 2007 to 2008. Don Pelotas told me that I do not need to do so. My question is: SHOULD I PURCHASE THE FULL KASPERSKY SECURITY instead of KARSPERSY ANTIVIRUS only? If you recommend to do so, can you please provide me the link? I would like to have it installed on 3 computers and have a backup CD. Thanks a lot for your attention and best regards, Jacques
  15. Dear Friends, Once a full san is completed (takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours, which I consider normal in view of the amount of data and stuff I have here), you can see the following: 1.- Detected 2.- Events 3.- Reports 4.- Quarantine 5.- Backup My question is the following: can all (from 1 to 4) be deleted without any risk, of is it better to keep it? Thanks and best wishes, Jacques
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