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  1. Hello, Done. You can make this topic as solved. Thank you Ashane.
  2. Hello Nikolay, Yes sure you can mark this topic as solved and thanks again. Ashane.
  3. Thank you so much for the reply. Ashane
  4. Hello, In my organisation I have developed KSC 10.1.249. and it include 150 users. I have hear that there a ransomware called Locky (Encrypting Local Data). I need to know does kaspersky endpoint security block this ransomware or not? Here's what I found about the ransomware. https://www.avira.com/en/locky-ransomware-l...mp;cservices=21 Thank you Ashane.
  5. Hello, Can anyone tell me how to block online streaming for users from KSC 10.1.249? KES Versions using clients - , , Thank you, Ashane.
  6. Thank you, In what computer I have to run KLDump.exe ? In Exchange Server? Thank you.
  7. Current KSC version is 10.2.249. We have installed KSC a long time ago and Exchange server have installed only KES and Netagent 10.2.249. Thank you.
  8. Hello Dmitry, Thanks for the support. You can close this now. Thank you. Ashane
  9. Hello, Thank you for replying. Actually event is locate in Critical Events. Actually the problem is I cannot post the screen shot in public, If there's email address please give me I can send the Screen shot to the email address. Thank you. Ashane.
  10. Hello, I have installed KSC 10 in our company. Today exchange server was blocking so many network attacks it says, DoS.Generic.SYNFlood to local port 443 . so many of them with different IP addresses. IP addresses are local IP addresses in my domain. Please tell me what is this, Also exchange server got stuck while network attack. CPU Usage also got up while network attack in exchange server. please reply me. Thank you. Ashane.
  11. That mean I have to get the Security for Exchange Version. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for replying me. Some users using Kaspersky Antivirus / Some are using KES and That's all. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have KSC 10.1.249 in our company. I need to know how can i enable spam module in Client Users or How to filter Spams through Exchange Server with Spam module in Kaspersky. Please reply me. I'm waiting. Thank you, Ashane.
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