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  1. Yes, it's a possibility.. I found something curious... I learned that if I delete all two reg traces of a service named "Tdrsvc" (which is stopped and which cannot be started because the file is apparently non-existent), then aswMBR.exe completes the scan successfully without finding anything. However, if I then add the "Tdrsvc" info back to the reg, aswMBR crashes on system32\Tdpipe.sys. But the other unusual thing is that there is no actual real info on Tdrsvc that I could gauge from google.... That said, I don't appear to be experiencing anything particularly unusual.. other than Kaspersky Security Scan won't load.. and the KSS service won't start, despite showing one or two kss.exe files in the tasklist. Weird, but true. Also, can't think of how this might be hardware related, since no hardware has changed other than the ram upgrade, which appears to be working without issues. I think my next logic option is to escalate and try out the Kaspersky Anti Virus. If you have any other recommendations or insights, let me know. Thanks for your help )
  2. Tried that. But that's not the issue. I also tried using the latest aswMBR.exe, but it crashes on inspecting system32\tdpipe.sys (see attachment) And even if I temporarily delete all the tdpipe.sys files from the computer, the same thing happens, only difference is that a red line shows saying system32\tdpipe.sys **HIDDEN** So far it's a true mystery! Any ideas?
  3. Drive now has 3.1 GB free, but KSS is still not working. When I look in taskmanager list, it shows one or two kss.exe files, but when I check in services.msc, it's stopped.. and starting it just comes up with the same thing i.e., "The KSS service on local comp started then stopped". Would an OTL log be able to help in any way? What else can I try? Thanks.
  4. Yes, got more ram now. lol Here's the report.. What do you see this time? Thanks. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...6d7a5b2ea9249d9
  5. Downloaded and Installed Kaspersky Security Scan but it wont start. Opened services, and KSS.exe is not started. Tried to start it and it says "it started and then stopped". Restarted computer, still same problem. Computer has 4GB, Windows 7 x64. etc.. all minimum requirements met. No other programs loaded.. but still KSS.exe wont start. Why? How I fix it? Thanks.
  6. Hi. Here's the link. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...aff09bc27f6a1e3 Thank you for looking into this for me.
  7. I have encountered a similar problem. I just downloaded KSS today. It installed fine. I tried to run a scan and as soon as I clicked "RUN", it had already stopped/completed in less than a second. I then looked at "objects scanned" which showed 0. Is this normal? I tried running in admin mode, but this made no difference. I tried shutting off my firewall. That didn't do anything either. Is there a service that's supposed to be running for it to work? What am I missing? Thanks.
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