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  1. Hi Jim, Don't worry, be happy: Kaspersky offers for all current users of Pure 3.0 a free upgrade to Kaspersky Total Security 2016. You may download it for instance from the US website. As long as you have a valid license key for Pure 3.0 (or not totally uninstalled all app data, you should not even need to enter the license key. This should solve your problem and make you a happy Kaspersky Total Security User (again). B.R., Ulrich
  2. Regrettably, my happiness was premature. The same problem happened again, also with the "Update Source" changed to the other location. After a while in operation, Outlook's CPU usage goes up close to 100%, leaving almost nothing for other apps, the keyboard and the mouse are frozen almost all the time. I will now contact Tech Support and send a GSI. I think there is no screenshot needed. I hope this problem can be solved very fast, since otherwise, I really need to roll back to Pure 3.0. Thanks! UOB.
  3. Hi Richbuff! Thanks. I digged a bit further and did then the following: - Kept Total Security installed; all the updates made - Then, I checked Beta Testing section of this forum. There I found that it might help to set the "Update Source" to a Beta Test server as described there. - I set the Update Source (under "Update Settings" in Total Security) to the location described in under the above mentioned post location and disabled Kaspersky Lab update servers as the update source. - Then, I made an update of the databases. Total Security shows now that the databases are up to date. Now, everything works fine, and Outlook does not show excessive CPU usage anymore. If you may confirm that the updates from the new update source are equally good, then this might be my solution - at least until I upgrade the tower computer also to Windows 10. Then, I expect the problem to be solved anyhow (like on my notebook computer), and I can switch the update source back to the Kaspersky Lab update servers. Thanks! UOB. edit: del link to beta test thread.
  4. I read this thread with interest and disappointment. It is now August 10, 2015, and it appears that the problem is still not finally solved. I have two machines: a tower computer and a notebook computer. Until a few days ago, both were running under Windows 7 Ultimate and had Pure 3.0 installed. On both machines, I have Outlook 2010, which worked very fine so far. Then, I upgraded the notebook to Windows 10. In this process, Pure 3.0 was automatically uninstalled since it seems to be incompatible with Windows 10. Fortunately, Kaspersky offers a free upgrade to Total Security 2016 for existing users of Pure 3.0. Therefore, I upgraded the notebook to Total Security 2016, after (!) the upgrade to Windows 10. All seems to work fine so far, and Outlook behaves well with normally 0 to 2% of CPU usage when inactive. Since I plan to upgrade the tower computer to Windows 10 as well, I decided to install Total Security 2016 even before the upgrade to Windows 10. This machine is currently still under Windows 7, and the upgrade to Windows 10 has not been made yet. On this machine, I have now the problem that Outlook 2010 gradually increases the CPU usage, and after a certain time (despite inactivity), it goes up to close to 100%, and the machine becomes unresponsive. Due to the high CPU load, also the CPU temperature goes up to over 50 degrees centigrae (normally below 40 degrees), and the CPU fan goes on high speed. Based on my experience so far, it seems: - Pure 3.0 and Windows 7 are compatible. - Total Security 2016 and Windows 10 are compatible. - However, Total Security 2016 causes problems with Outlook on Windows 7 machines. Given this experience, I plan to roll back on the Windows 7 machine to Pure 3.0. I will install Total Security 2016 (again) once I upgraded this machine also to Windows 10. (Meanwhile, I might perhaps try the beta fix before rolling back to Pure 3.0 - just to check whether it works). I will keep Total Security on the notebook computer, which already has Windows 10 installed. I hope these findings may help. UOB
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