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  1. I think I have solved my own problem - I rebuilt the standalone installer and this time it did install the patch along with the core version. However it lists as when you look into the interface support popup with "mr2" adjacent (or in the KSC properties) making it harder to distinguish the versions. However, I can confirm this works with windows 10 v1803. Regards, Damian
  2. Hi, I'm trying to create a standalone installed for the latest version of KES 10 SP2 MR2 on my KSC V10.5.1781 (recently upgraded). When I "Create Installation Package" and point it to the .kud file in the exported "kes10winsp2_mr2_en_aes256.exe" package it creates an installation package but marks it as (not However, looking into that folder on \\KSC-server\KLShare I can see a setup.exe, then in the exec folder, can see the kes10sp2mr2.msp patch file. However, when I create a standalone executable package from this, and try an install, it only appears to install - and this then fails to work correctly on Windows 10 ver 1803. Is there a way to get a single exe standalone installation package for - and therefore works on Windows 10 1803? Thanks Damian
  3. Hi Konstantin, We are also having a problem with Outlook plugin on Window 10 (Creators), Office 2010 and Kaspersky Endpoint 10 SP2. See Company Account INC000008386309. Can we get more information about what this private fix pf3028 actually does/fixes and a copy of the private fix to test please? Thanks
  4. Running Kaspersky Security for Virtualisation 3.0 light agent on VMware ESXI with 4 hosts. Two of the SVMs are fine but two show "Virus Scan has not been performed for a long time" in the KSC. Note - this is the status of the SVM, not one of the VMs running the light agent. There doesn't seem to be a task to run a virus scan of an SVM itself (you only get 'Add a key', 'Database update' and 'Rollback' as tasks for the protection server component). Any ideas? Is this even a problem? Kaspersky Lab software Version report shows: Kaspersky Security Center 10.2.434 KSV 3.0 Light Agent reports KSV 23.0 light agent - protection server reports Thanks in advance, Damian
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