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  1. Thanks Berny. Just got it fixed a minute ago before I saw your reply. I clicked on VERIFY SUBSCRIPTION STATUS and that did the trick. I still think it is odd that it didn't do that on my wife's laptop.
  2. Can anyone please tell me the possible reason why my Total Security Protection does not seem to have been automatically renewed. The odd thing is that I am getting a notification on my desktop pc that the subscription has expired but not on the laptop. Thank you
  3. Thanks to all for your help. I was keen to get rid of any remaining files that might stop Kaspersky working properly, which it is at present. While it is working fine I think I'll leave well alone, but I'll hold on to the info you've given me in case I need it. Much appreciated
  4. Thanks, I will do this later as my wife needs to be home to log in to her laptop.
  5. Just been trying to install Kaspersky to my wife's laptop and looking through the forum came across a post from denis1501 in 2016 who had the same problem as me I followed the advice to delete the temp files but McAfee still wasn't cleared so I skipped that step and continued with the installation. Kaspersky installed successfully and is working fine, but I would still like to completely get rid of McAfee. Any tips please? bearing in mind that I am not very technically-minded with computers. Many thanks, Eric
  6. Hi. I'm trying to install KIS 2015 (multi device) to my second computer but keep getting the message 'Local security certificate issue'. I've tried 3 times always with the same result. The computer I'm trying to install in on old desktop pc running on XP. Any help please? Thanks
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