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  1. Updates were failing (components KLAVA and APU failed). FIXED ? Right click the Kaspersky icon in the system tray, and exited the program. Click Start button and navigate to (or type) Kaspersky. Right click on the Kaspersky antivirus icon and click Run As Administrator. This updated the two components that weren't updating KLAVA and APU. I don't know if this permanently fixed the issue - I'll find out if the issue repeats. On a complete side note, pasting the same answer (that works for no one) repeatedly and then telling people to uninstall/reinstall is super lazy tech support.
  2. I've seen others with this issue and responses of "this is just a display issue" or "don't worry about it." Unfortunately, for me this is causing more than just a graphical issue. Immediately after installing Kaspersky, certain apps stopped working (as an example, MSN Weather App) with an error that I have no internet access. Since I was browsing the internet, and am currently on this forum, I knew that this was not correct. My systray icon shows my network name, and beneath that, "No Internet access." If I were still able to access, update, etc. items that first check to see if I have an internet connection, the erroneous message that I have "No Internet access" wouldn't bother me. I haven't made any changes to the settings - is there something I need to change? Wireless router and connection, Windows 8.1 all updates applied, Kaspersky 2015 all updates applied.
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