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  1. The password program I currently use stores all the passwords on my computer (not in the cloud). I can export the passwords in HTML, XML or CSV format. Would I be able to import these passwords into Password Manager? Does the license to use Password Manager need to be renewed each year like the license to use other Kaspersky products?
  2. Could one of the moderators respond to my earlier post? I would hate to have to spend 3 hours uninstalling KIS, cleaning out my Registry using the Kaspersky cleaning tools and then reinstalling KIS, setting up all of my preferences, and then finding out that the Spam control still doesn't work. A response would really be appreciated.
  3. Is my best course of action to uninstall KIS, including all settings, use the Kaspersky program to clean all remnants from my system, and then do a fresh install of KIS 2013? If I do this, would the anti-spam work the way it should?
  4. I uninstalled KIS 2011, and saved all of the settings. I then installed KIS 2013, keeping the settings from KIS 2011.
  5. I've read hundreds of posts on this board dealing with Spam in KIS 2013. From what's been written, there shouldn't be a screen like this since KIS 2013 doesn't support Spam training: The Kaspersky Spam filter in Outlook isn't working. Items of obvious Spam are getting through. The only 2 items that were blocked by the Spam filter were legitimate emails. I upgraded from KIS 2011 to KIS 2013, keeping the settings from KIS 2011. What do I need to do in order to reduce the Spam that is currently making its way through Outlook? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. In the 3 weeks that I've been using KIS 2013, it has only caught 2 pieces of Spam. Numerous other pieces of obvious Spam have gotten through. I need to highlight all of this junk in Outlook, and click the Spam button, to get the garbage out of my inbox. When I was using KIS2011 (I never upgraded to KIS2012 because of the Spam issue), it caught 95% of this Spam. The settings in KIS2013 ask me to train for Spam. I have done this numerous times. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I was under the impression that Kaspersky was going to fix fix the KIS addons when Firefox 17 was released. It hasn't happened. Does anyone have any information when these addons will become compatible with Firfox?
  8. I've read on the forums that Safe Run is not available on 64 bit systems, but I when I right click on an exe file in Windows Explorer, Safe Run appears. I've experimented using Safe Run with some files that I know are safe. The exe file opens in a green bordered box. If I were to run a questionable exe file using Safe Run from the Windows Explorer context menu, would I be protected if the file turns out to be harmful? My system consists of Windows 7 X 64, and KIS 2011. I have another computer running Windows 7 X 64 and KIS 2012. I haven't tried using Safe Run on this computer. Is it available?
  9. The only way I could get the Anti Spam module to work, was to switch back to KIS 2011. There is definitely something wrong with the way Anti Spam was designed in KIS 2012.
  10. The anti spam function doesn't seem to be working in Kis 2012. With previous versions of Kis, I have been able to train it, so that spam items would be directed to another folder. Is there anyway I could do this with Kis 2012? Currently, no items are not being marked as spam. When I click the spam icon Kaspersky placed in my Outlook tool bar, the item gets marked as spam and is moved to my spam folder. When I receive another email from the same sender, it goes into my inbox and isn't marked as spam (Kis isn't learning anything). I'm using Outlook 2007 and Windows 7 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. KIS 11 reports that the currently available Rockbox Utility (http://download.rockbox.org/rbutil/win32/RockboxUtility-v1.2.10.zip) is infected with "Hoax.Win32.ArchSMS.iaps" When I checked Virus Total (www.virustotal.com), only four out of 42 antivirus programs reported this file as being infected (http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=d5b6a52467ace47b01f96a1c9a82b6dc7768a5b626333c2dc5f014b583fdc8be-1308404768) I am a long time user of Rockbox. The Rockbox Utility is used to modify the firmware in mp3 players. Is this a false positive or is this file really infected? Thanks,
  12. I am using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. When I right click on an exe file in Windows Explorer, , one of the options I get is Safe Run. After reading several posts on this forum, I have gotten the impression that Safe Run for files isn't available on computers running the 64 bit version of Windows 7. If I have a questionable file, will I be safe running it using Safe Run from the context menu?
  13. Safe Run is still available in the Windows Explorer when I right click on the file. When did this, the application started in a green bordered window. Am I protected when I run questionable programs in this way?
  14. Safe Run for Applications doesn't appear when I click on Safe Run in the KIS 2011 main window. All I get is Safe Run for Websites & Virtual Keyboard. When I right click on an executable file in Windows Explorer, Safe Run is an option and appears to be working. Is there any way I can get Safe Run for Applications to appear on the KIS window?
  15. My Bad! I complained before I opened KIS and checked my licenses. My license expires in 376 days.
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