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  1. To anybody who could be interested - it appeared that problem was caused by Nvidia graphic card driver. I uninstalled the one installed automatically by Windows 8 and downloaded the newest version from Nvidia website. It helped not only with Kaspersky, but some other applications which were occasionally crashing. If in your Windows Event Viewer you can find errors with "Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll", it probably indicates problem with Nvidia drivers.
  2. Actually I think I give up, as I have many other issues with that Windows 8.1 installation (e.g. blinking and crashing screen on battery power). I'm just going to install Ubuntu and Windows 7 in some virtual machine. Thank you all for your effort. A really appreciate it!
  3. @dh27564, I followed your steps, but with no result. @KleinerMuck, the only "failed" items in Update History are "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro", but I've never allowed them to install. The last recent successful ones are from yesterday. Additional note - yesterday KIS opened once, asked to send crash report and successfully updated. But then, after next restarts, it doesn't start again.
  4. @KleinerMuck, thanks for the explanation and sorry for uploading the whole report file. I uninstalled the clipX and removed its whole directory, restarted the computer, but KIS still doesn't run.
  5. @KleinerMuck, I installed Windows 8.1 and allowed it to download and install all updates. It is from the beginning set to do it automatically. I tried to reinstall KIS from scratch today, but with no result. GSI generated a few minutes ago: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7lgrn6nutyo70wl/G..._05_30.zip?dl=1
  6. Hi Everybody. A few days ago I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 (fresh installation on a new disk). I also installed KIS 15 ( The problem is that I'm unable to open the main application window. After system restart it shows 4 inactive KIS icons in the tray, but when I try to click on any of them, they disappear. Then, when I try to run KIS again (from Start menu), it shows loading screen, but after a few seconds disappears as well. But it looks like the Kaspersky service is running in the background - I cna see the process in Task Manager. I tried to install KIS 16, then I uninstalled everything completely and installed KIS 15 again. No success at all. What should I do? Is there any option to hard reset all settings, or at lease generate/see any debug/error log?
  7. @JanRei, I just restored Anti-Banner setting like you described and looks like it helped. No additional script has been added so far. Thank you for your help! :beer:
  8. I just noticed another interesting behavior. Anti-Banner mechanism in my KIS is supposed to be disabled (as per my screenshots from previous post), but it still messes up with HTML code. Please take a look into attached image.
  9. Anti-Banner mechanism has been completely disabled on my computer. All its options are turned off and the whole protection mechanism is also turned off. I also tried to turn off all protection mechanisms, but the only way to get rid of the additional JS code is to completely disable the whole KIS. I didn't only refresh the site, but also restarted browser. I also tried it in 3 different browsers - Chrome, Firefox, IE. In all of them result is the same all the time. Like author of this thread, I was able to disable all add-ons from Firefox installed by KIS. But I'm unable to do the same with 3 plugins: - Content Blocker KAV,, npcontentblocker.dll - Online Banking KAV,, nponlinebanking.dll - Virtual Keyboard KAV,, npvkplugin.dll Interesting thing is that I don't have any additional plugins in Chrome or IE. I'm attaching screenshots of KIS options. I use Polish interface language, but it should be quite clear. First one is list of services with Anti-Banner turned off. The second one are Anti-Banner's options - all of them are disabled.
  10. I'm experiencing the same problem. I tried to disable all protection mechanisms one by one. Even with all of them turned off problem still exists. The only way to get rid of the code is to completely disable the whole KIS.
  11. Similar, but not exactly the same. I was able to remove all KIS plugins from Firefox and Chrome. But KIS still keeps adding its code to pages. Yes, looks like it's the same problem. BTW, I don't think it's good idea to install to all browsers stuff (e.g. 3 new plugins to Firefox) which changes look of web pages without even asking user or at least giving option to not install them during KIS installation process.
  12. Hello Everybody, after upgrade from KIS 2014 to 2015 (I use I observed that there is additional JavaScript file added to any website I open. Its path is random, but it always looks similar to: <script type="text/javascript" src="/EEB4FF07C859475CAF6B47CBC4A62730/EC25883A-0192-E648-9157-11BB9C786E53/main.js" charset="UTF-8"></script> I'm sure it's added by KIS, because inside it starts from: (function(){ var KasperskyLab=function(e){function l(a)... I have two problems with this fact. First of all there is no way to get rid of this code. I tried to disable all protection mechanisms one by one. Even if all of them have been disabled, the code was still there. I had to completely disable the whole KIS to get rid of it. I think this should not be the case. There should be option to disable this behavior. Second thing is that this JavaScript keeps trying to make some HTTP requests (many of them, in fact). And the surprising thing is that all of these requests are blocked by KIS itself! Does it make any sense? Is there any way to get rid of this JS code without downgrade to KIS 2014? I'm attaching some screenshots of HTML and JS code + debug info of these requests. Regards, KS
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