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  1. Hi, Yes, of course. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thank you very much for explanation.
  3. Hello, I see. I have removed all DLL related rules and made executebales files rebuild from the scratch without DLLs. Maybe the last question. Does it make sense use Golden Image category and also create own golden images from "clean image" PCs? Thanks a lot.
  4. But it looks that whitelisting has very negative impact on computer resources. It has to download bigger database and campare more SHA hashes. Does somebody have similar experience?
  5. Hello guys, I would like to ask you what setup do you recommend to use and why. Black or white listing for Application Startup control? Maybe from the point of complexity, endpoint utilization etc. Thanks a lot.
  6. OMG! Thanks for response.
  7. Thank you, but this is not a solution. Imagine that I need to import SHA hashes e.g. for folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Google including all subfolders.
  8. KSC: 10.4.343 KES:
  9. Hello guys, I'm looking for some advice how to make a mass import of SHA-256 hashes of exe files from application folder on client computer to already created Conditions in KSC 10 Application categories. Is it possible? Thanks a lot.
  10. Removing dumps really stopped KES from reacting. In my opinion it should be possible to manage similar error messages appearance from KSC and not to bother end users.
  11. It's neccessary also install provide PFs, or dump files deletion is enough?
  12. Sorry for that, but it's a fact. KES doesn't generate dump files.
  13. Hi, It didn't create dump files. So I made PC reboot with turned on tracing: https://mondi.box.com/s/hkaja3s9adtzy5xpxrvozq1ffe2j9kuf
  14. Hi, INC000007822745 and INC000007783985.
  15. I have both PF installed on PC and problem persists.