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  1. Dear Sirs, New LockerGoga ransomware is able to gain high user privileges and remotely disable antivirus on targeted computer. I'm wondering what is the Kaspersky Labs statement to that and how is possible to setup e.g. KES 11 to self defense agains similar hacker techniques or how in general protect network with Kaspersky solution? Not only endpoints but servers as well. Thanks a lot. BR, Julius
  2. Hi, Maybe it could be because of new default policy in root and inheritance. Try to check it.
  3. Is it possible to download it as a separate installation package?
  4. Same situation on my side. After upgrade to KES11 and now after upgrade to KES10SP2MR2. Outlook and also other MS Office 2016 programs are very slow or stop responding. Also very bad performace of all Windows system. Openned ticket: INC000009197600
  5. I'm afraid it will be very difficult or nearly impossible. Laptop belongs to our CEO and it usualy happens when he is working remotely.
  6. In my case only tmp files remain and office file is deleted. I'm able to rename tmp file back to e.g. pptx and it contains all content. It same as it was described here: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2095867-issues-saving-office-files-after-installing-fall-creators-update or https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2001654-word-documents-randomly-turns-into-numbered-tmp-file-upon-saving-and-closing Preblem appeared after upgrade to KES 11. The only difference is Win7 on my side.
  7. Hello, I recognized very strange behaviour after upgrading from Kes10 SP2 to KES 11. When user does any activity with Office files on network share, files are renamed to xxxxx.tmp As I know it was known problem also for KES10 SP2 version when FLE module was installed and Office files were stored on network drive. I have KES 11 installed also with FLE and FDE support, but I thought it was solved. Unfortunately it happens on our CEO laptop so it's very difficult to get any GSI data. Could somebody confirm that behaviour or send me number of private fix for KES10 SP2? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hello Guys, Is there any recommendation how to setup Kaspersky Endpoint Security so that any crypto mining scripts are blocked on web pages? Thanks a lot.
  9. Probably solved. The problem is that on my site KES10SP2 was password protected. KES11 made paralel installation and was not able start services and tasks. After a few restarts it made rollback and KES10SP2 was running again. I tried to disable password protection then and reinstallation was successful. Probably Kaspersky should add another option to installation wizzard for uninstall paswword when upgrade from previous verzion is done, or read password from KSC.
  10. Same problem. But I don't think its related to PFs. On all PCs I have same level and some of them were correctly upgraded from KES10SP2 to KES11 and some not. I have no clue what is the difference. Also OS version and patch level is same.
  11. Hello guys, Is it possible to setup PreBoot agent so the NumLock is turned on during logon request? Thanks a lot. BR, Julius
  12. My mistake, sorry. Please delete it from the list.
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