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  1. Removing dumps really stopped KES from reacting. In my opinion it should be possible to manage similar error messages appearance from KSC and not to bother end users.
  2. It's neccessary also install provide PFs, or dump files deletion is enough?
  3. Sorry for that, but it's a fact. KES doesn't generate dump files.
  4. Hi, It didn't create dump files. So I made PC reboot with turned on tracing:
  5. Hi, INC000007822745 and INC000007783985.
  6. I have both PF installed on PC and problem persists.
  7. Thanks a lot for answer. So I can use MDM with the need of MS Exchange. What is still unclear, how can I push applications to Android devices from Google Play and under which account? Or maybe to Apple devices. Or it's just for asset inventory a simple policies like PIN on lock screen requirement?
  8. Dear Sirs, I consider to start usage of MDM functionality, but I have to clarify a few issues before: 1. Is it possible to manage mobile devices even our company doesn't have MS Exchange server? 2. Will it be then possible remotely install applications from Google Play or Apple App Store? 3. Is it possible to make a company's own store with applications? Thanks a lot.
  9. In my opinion KES should be used same category. And it is also splitted directly in configuration window - MD5 for pre SP2 version and SHA256 for SP2. From my point of view it's a bug in SP2 version that is not able choose right part of settings dedicated only for SP2.
  10. So the main message from your side is to recreate all categories from the scratch? Really bad idea. :ai: Time to consider mass upgrade to SP2. But I have to confirm, that proposed solution works.
  11. Export of category is here:
  12. I installed patch and after restart message reappeared again. Any idea?
  13. All requested data are here:
  14. File with traces is here: