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    KES10 Roaming Profile Issue

    this is exactly the same issue we are experiencing. Has been going on months now! It's definitely kaspersky causing the issue because we did a fresh build on a pc last month and it was working absolutely fine for 2 weeks until we put kaspersky on it. Same issue as you, in event viewer ntuser.dat is locked and the user then get's a temporary profile! we have had soooooo many calls to our service desk from user's having the issue day in day out
  2. Hi all I've come on here as a last resort to try and get to the bottom of a big issue we're encountering at our business. Since rolling out KES (MR3) a couple of weeks ago we are having a major problem where user's are randomly getting logged onto their windows 7 desktops with a temporary profile. We use roaming profiles across our site where the profiles are simply written back to a file share (old fashioned i know but that's the way it is at present). Since rolling out our service desk is receiving at least 50 calls a day from user's who have been logged on with a temp profile. If you check the registry under profile list, we see a .bak entry has been created for the user which we then have to delete to log them on correctly. We're assuming it has to be Kaspersky causing the issue because it's only started happening since we rolled out this new version and no other changes have been made across the site. If we check the event viewer on a pc after a user has been logged on with a temp profile there is an entry saying Kaspersky has started and then directly after that there is an entry saying NTUSER.dat is locked by another process and the user is being logged on with a temporary profile. We have excluded ntuser.dat in our workstation policy but it has made no difference. HELLLLLPPPPPPPPP!! does anyone have any ideas at all?
  3. haved managed to log a support call myself with our company account which i didnt know we had. My incident number is INC000003674134
  4. Massive thanks for getting back to me so quick, sorry to sound dumb, we normally log our support calls with a 3rd party support company as we are unable to log directly with kaspersky, does this mean I will have to go through them to request this fix?
  5. Hi all We have Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 installed across our business ( and every exe or bat file we execute from our fileserver (netapp CIFS) is taking ages to open. For example it takes about 2 minutes to load an application that calls an exe from our fileserver. When we pause the kaspersky protection, it works instantly. Does anyone know what's causing this? I thought it was a Kaspersky policy issue and I disabled everything there but I can't seem to find the source of the problem. This forum user here had the exact same issue and there was no resolution in his thread, has a fix been discovered since? http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=290180

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