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  1. Hi Dmitry, Thank you very much for your advice. Regards, RocknRollTim
  2. Hi Dmitry, I will do just that, thank you for your help. Regards, RocknRollTim
  3. Hi Konstantin, Neither, as I said in post 7 that a support representative advised me to contact the vendor who we purchased the software off for support as we are not supported through CompanyAccount, I can PM all correspondence to you I had with Wick Hill regarding this issue as well as correspondence for all other support cases via CompanyAccount. Regards, RocknRollTim
  4. Hi Konstantin, No problem, I have been corresponding with our support vendor Wick Hill who were provided as part of the Kaspersky package with Care Tower and said that they have been corresponding with the Kaspersky Support and Development Teams regarding this as well as possible scripts to clear down these lists and concluded that its not possible to provide scripts to clear down these lists due to the nature in which KSC and KES process these lists along with KN, we have one manager with NIS (his choice respectively) along with KN on his own laptop where entries for the Application Registry list wouldn't clear at all whereas PCs and laptops that have KES and KN installed took 2 weeks to clear both lists. The only thing I can think of to clear down the Applications Registry list completely which I haven't done yet is to temporarily uninstall KN off the laptop that has NIS installed. Regards, RocknRollTim
  5. Hi Konstantin, So far so good after amending the schedules in all scheduled tasks of KSC, still got to update KSC and KES though. Regards, RocknRollTim
  6. Hi Kirill, I have posted my incident numbers below for us to review. INC000005403845 INC000005401966 Regards, RocknRollTim
  7. Hi Kirill, I see, I will consider this when replicating the issue next time after updating KSC and KES to MR3 and to keep you posted of how I am getting on. Regards, RocknRollTim
  8. Hi Kirill, It is the issue where our managed computers are shutting down when they shouldn't be, are you advising me to ensure all KES, KSC and OS versions are up-to-date and to keep an eye on the situation? Kind regards, RocknRollTim
  9. Hi Kirill, Would you like me to PM the incident numbers to you or would you like me to post them in this thread? Kind regards, RocknRollTim
  10. Hi Konstantin, When I put a request through CompanyAccount last time, someone responded back saying that we're not supported through this method of support and to contact the vendor who we purchased the software off for support. Regards, RocknRollTim
  11. Hi Kirill, Issue was solved by adding the latest keys for KSC and KES in the Key Repository section of KSC in order to allow propagation of the keys to all PCs and servers as advised by the vendor who we originally purchased KSC and KES from and was advised to add them as secondary keys to override the old ones, sorry I took so long in getting back to you, I totally forgot to get back to you at that time. Regards, RocknRollTim
  12. Hi Konstantin, Version of SQL server on that server is SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 3 and is an SBS 2011 server. Regards, RocknRollTim
  13. Will do Artem but still occasionally get the same problem even with KSC 10 MR2 from MR1, SP1 and the original version, the issue seems to reoccur after updating and rebooting the server with the latest Windows and SQL Server Management Studio upgrades and patches, I have particularly seen this recently after upgrading SQL Server Management Studio with the latest upgrades and patches, are there any known compatibility issues with certain versions of SQL Server Management Studio and/or Windows updates with KSC and Network Agent? Regards, RocknRollTim
  14. Hi Nikolay, I'll put a support request through our Kaspersky vendor regarding this. Regards, RocknRollTim
  15. Hi Kirill, Thank you for your suggestions, I'll review them before doing maintenance work this week. Also is there a feature request section on the forum for future KSC and KES developments? Lastly can custom SQL scripts be used to empty the lists as mentioned previously in KSC and for KSC to repopulate those lists? Kind regards, Tim Auluck
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