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  1. The original issue with that workaround can be found: I've nvr needed to run any add blocker on youtube and it worked fine until last week. A 4-5 days after the issue it corrected itself and the add blocks worked fine again. Its just broken again though about 2 minutes ago. Interestingly this suggests another cause. My Firefox browser crashed. I reloaded it and adds in youtube/websites were back (KIS icon was grey). I thought a module might have crashed so I tried Rebooting the PC but it has not reblocked adds again.
  2. I've suddenly got adverts in youtube videos and popups in various websites. It happened after I had the security issue which blocks firefox from loading websites (I had to untoggle and retoggle security.enterprize_roots.enabled true) Antibanner is *on* in my contrl panel. I had a million popup about creating exceptions perhaps I accidentally did but I can't find any. Any suggestions whats wrong. FF 58.02 (64Bit) KIS 2018 405(g)
  3. Yeah i had it all back this morning (annoying!) my security.enterprize was still set to true. I set it back to false and then to true again and then all was well. Not sure why that should fix it tbh. (not rebooted since) Is there anything I could have accidentally clicked on when multiple boxes were popping popping up asking for exclusions this morning. Youtube is giving me adverts now?
  4. Thanks for that - but is there a security issue with this at least as bad as disabling the chcking of https via the KIS ctrl panel?
  5. Box is ticked in win10. (box doesn't exist in win7) The issue coulnd't be anything to do with this?: https://support.kaspersky.com/general/safemoney/12690 My win10 PC is Intel, my win7 PC AMD.
  6. Sorry been a bit under the weather: Ok So its yellow ringed still and says 'protection against screen shots is disabled' (Only on the win10; win7 is fine.)
  7. Just upgraded one of my PCs to Win10 and the banking now has a yellow border with not fully secure warnings. It was fine in win7 (same browser etc) Any fix?
  8. what permissions did i need to give it - i set 'e-mail' only. SMTP server still failed. Ticked all and it worked. Interestingly it then asked me about exemptions Do i need exemptions as well? I said yes for now
  9. yeah '17 was fine 1st e-mail with #18 saw the problem - it obs checks the site certificate. given the mail svr i use is the uks largest i imagine this will see plenty of ppl with this issue
  10. I just tried to send an e-mail on thunderbird (latest) and I had an error message about the mail server giving false details or something (sorry not exact wording) and did i want to create a security exemption. I tried the 'search for certificate and then it failed and I can't find a way back to find the create exemption. When I tried to send an e-mail now it fails presumably as its being blocked by KIS. How do i get back and create the exemption
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