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  1. Looks like the Windows 8.1 KIS 2014 version for us users in the UK has been released. What's slightly confusing is that the installer has the same name as the Windows 8 one. File properties, however, shows it's version
  2. Kaspersky support looked at my traces and confirmed that the problem (which caused my slow browsing) will be fixed in the next patch. The workaround they gave me (for issue 473051) was to disable scanning on ports - 80 and 443 (Settings->Additional->Network-> click on the Select option at the top of the window. disable port 80 and 443. To do this select the port - right click and choose edit - change to inactive). I also had to untick the option "Monitor all network ports for applications that may be vulnerable to network attacks". This worked for me, but I'm sure it won't be a cure-all for everyone and I'm not sure of the security implications. The other choice given was to go back to using KIS 2013 but as I'm now on Windows 8.1 that's not an option for me.
  3. Be aware I've been told that you will lose web protection if you use my workaround, so maybe you should use it just to see if your problem is caused by KIS 2014. Edit: patch B has been released, so this is closed. If issues continue, please post in the current topic and inform Tech Support.
  4. Hi, I've found a workaround for my slow browsing problem with KIS 2014 and when I use Chrome as my main browser. Go to Settings -> Additional -> Threats and Exclusions. Under Manage Trusted Applications, click Add, goto Google Inc -> Google Chrome and tick "Do not scan all network traffic" and then add. This has worked for me and I'll be interested if it works for others - I haven't tried if this works for other browsers. //edit: This is only for temporary diagnostic purposes. Please only try this briefly, then revert by removing the exclusion.
  5. As this is non-urgent I'll wait till my trial expires, upgrade to a paid license and will then access technical support to see if they can find a solution. Thanks, Paul
  6. Hi, it seems that Safe Money has stopped working for me. When I go to my bank now (HSBC.co.uk) I no longer get the new Safe Money window opening. I've re-enabled all Kaspersky extensions after Chrome 25 disabled them, and also HSBC.co.uk has been inputted into the Safe Money page in Kaspersky. It was working quite well until the recent update, so I'm wondering if anyone could help me get it working again. I would contact support but I'm on the trial at the moment, so wasn't sure if I could do so? I'm running Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 on Windows 8 x64.
  7. Yay, after a couple of false dawns my BSOD problem with KAV2009 has finally been fixed with this update. Merci beaucoup. :bravo:
  8. I'd also be interested in when the new network drivers are going to be released. I have the same problem - BSODs when using the main update servers but none when using Tim2 servers.
  9. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. I'll go back to my workaround (changing kl1 driver from system to demand - hope there's no drawbacks to doing this) in the meantime.
  10. Hotfix C has fixed my BSOD problem when unplugging then replugging usb devices in with KAV 2009 installed. Many thanks Kaspersky for the update. :bravo:
  11. I was having the 0x000000a BSODs as well in Vista with Kaspersky 7 and 2009. My minidumps even pointed to Siwinacc.sys, as has already been mentioned in this thread. Siwinacc is a Silicon Image driver for my e-sata add-in card but it was not the cause of my crashes. Eventually I narrowed the BSODs down to Kaspersky AV by doing a clean install and then eliminating each driver/piece of software one by one. I then contacted Kaspersky tech support and after hearing nothing from them for over a week I contacted Kaspersky phone support. After all this, I eventually got a fix for the problem which was to change the klif driver in device manager from startup to demand (The driver can be seen be selecting hidden devices from the view menu in device manager). Unfortunately, there wasn't a klif driver there but I did find a Kaspersky kl1 driver which I set to demand and that seems to have fixed the BSODs for me. Unfortunately, this probably might not work for the BSOD's mentioned in this thread as they're such individual things but it might be worth a try.
  12. Hi, I'm sure it was a clean install of KAV 2009. What I did was install KAV 7, had BSODs, used a system restore to go back to before KAV 7 was installed. And then I installed KAV 2009 so there shouldn't be any trace of KAV 7 on my system if system restore worked correctly? Here's a link to my GSI log (KAV uninstalled) and I have added to this post a minidump of one of my KAV 2009 crashes on my machine (fresh install of Vista). Also, please could you advise if I should make a new thread for my problems with KAV 7 and 2009? Thanks, Pbryanw Mini060808_01.zip
  13. I've tried Kaspersky AV version 8 and I get the same problems as with 7. As soon as I installed Kaspersky 8 I started getting the BSODs again. As soon as I removed it, the BSODs went away. I also ran driver verifier with version 8 and got a 0x000000a Bluescreen when I selected just Kaspersky's drivers. It would be nice if Kaspersky Tech Support got back to me about this problem. It's been nearly a week now since I contacted them. I have paid for a year's subscription so I assume tech support is included in this price.
  14. Same here. I was having BSOD problems (0x0000000A as in the OP's post) with Windows Vista Home Premium so I did a clean re-install of Vista. I then introduced drivers and programs back onto the machine one-by-one using system restore just in case I started getting the BSODs again. Well, once I installed Kaspersky AV I started getting the BSODs again. I then used Driver Verifer to check Kaspersky's drivers and I got a 0x000000C4 BSOD on next boot. When I used the system restore to go back to before Kaspersky was installed, the system became stable again. I did not install anything else after I had installed Kaspersky, so I know Kaspersky is the problem or some incompatibility with it and my machine is the problem. I have now contacted Helpdesk to see if they can provide further guidance. Pbryanw
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