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  1. This thread is essentially "solved" Your suggestions were pertinent (thank you). Msiexec: Microsoft released Windows MSI Installer 4.5 one month after xp sp2, so xp sp2 needs MSI 4.5 installed. This seems to allow the older Oct 2010 pure9.1.0.124en.exe download to relay a new error msg. The newer Jan 2011 pure9.1.0.124-1862EN-INT.exe download still suffered the error 1335. Chckdsk: chckdsk found some "allocation" "table" errors. chckdsk /f fixed those (it claimed) Memtest: Memtest86+ 2.01 on a livecd found: 1. both dimms 0 and 1 have huge number of errors (6 digits of errors for tests #3 and #4 after 3 1/2 hours) 2. showed similar high errors, when swapped dimms between a2 and a1 3. but only one dimm is bad when later tested separately. Looking for CDs with memtest, I found my kpure install cd, but it failed with same error 1335. Final outcome (for kpure matter): After swapping Dimms, the newer pure9.1.0.124-1862EN-INT.exe installed and updates successfully (per its GUI, and a week of infrequent PC use).
  2. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9a61bae6fc92b4b i munged some user login, local lan ip, mac address, NetBT_Tcpip_ id, and similar "personal" info (paranoid :-) ) The only suspicious looking lines seem to be in NTLogEvent section. 1. Unavailable www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/authrootseq.txt (certificates?) by windows, but these seemed to have datetime unrelated to kpure corrupt NTLogEvents. Posted a 3rd post because I don't see any link to edit (add report url) my first post. upload attachment is zipped same file as uploaded to Getsysteminfo.com thanks GetSystemInfo_PC_NAME_userid_2011_11_19_13_01_33.zip
  3. HI, Post subject tells the problem: I downloaded kpure9.1.0.124 Repeatedly ran installer. Error 1335. Repeated retries. I gave up. Cancelled install (which does "rollback" then requires pc reboot) It tries 6 times to get past error. From kl-install-2011-11-14-19-52-40.log, groups of 6 lines like this: MSI (s) (54:88) [13:19:03:625]: Note: 1: 1335 2: KPURE.cab then: Error 1335.The cabinet file KPURE.cab required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this installation pack. Other interesting lines in other kl-install... .log files: MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:03:435]: SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab Setup Files\Kaspersky PURE\English\KasperskyPURE.en.msi is permitted to run at the 'unrestricted' authorization level. MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:03:544]: Command Line: ACTION=INSTALL REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=veums CURRENTDIRECTORY=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab Setup Files\Kaspersky PURE\English CLIENTUILEVEL=0 CLIENTPROCESSID=3420 MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:03:544]: Product not registered: beginning first-time install MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:03:544]: Product installation will be elevated because user is admin and product is being installed per-machine. MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:03:544]: Running product '{1A59064A-12A9-469F-99F6-04BF118DBCFF}' with elevated privileges: Product is assigned. Action ended 12:57:03: CheckRegistryPermissions. Return value 1. MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:03:982]: Skipping action: ErrorRegPermissionsShow (condition is false) MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:38:419]: Product: Kaspersky PURE -- You must reboot your computer before proceeding with the installation. Action ended 12:57:38: ErrorRebootPendingShow. Return value 3. MSI © (5C:48) [12:57:38:419]: Doing action: FatalError Action 12:57:38: FatalError. Action start 12:57:38: FatalError. Another log file (from 1st download) continues from those above lines: Property©: VersionMsi = 3.01 Property©: WindowsBuild = 2600 Property©: ServicePackLevel = 3 === Logging stopped: 11/14/2011 20:39:28 === MSI © (48:98) [20:39:28:091]: Note: 1: 1708 MSI © (48:98) [20:39:28:091]: Product: Kaspersky PURE -- Installation operation failed. MSI © (48:98) [20:39:28:107]: Grabbed execution mutex. MSI © (48:98) [20:39:28:107]: Cleaning up uninstalled install packages, if any exist MSI © (48:98) [20:39:28:107]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603 === Verbose logging stopped: 11/14/2011 20:39:28 === User is admin. Tried check box on and off: "Protect installation process" PC is Sempron 64 from 2005, 1GB ram. About 1 week new install XP SP2 (x86), patched to SP3 (from sp3 downloaded by other PC). Only a few apps used (most are portable. irfanview, text editors, etc). No "security" or permissions software installed. I have set IE internet zone to strongest setting. I doubt this influences Kpure installer. Infection chance seems low, because never connected to network (router) while modem on. I don't recall any trouble other than this Kpure msi error 1335. Bought 3-license Kpure CD in April. Can't find CD now. If kpure download installs, I intend to enter the license copied from the one pc on which kpure is now running. T.I.A.
  4. thx for replies. doing further googling i found the real problem/conflict: spybot teatimer. http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=2991811 Rebooting and running the install file did work for me - also for several others http://tinyurl.com/29ssdm http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.ph...2993322#2993322 f it says that it can't write or access "firefox.exe," go to the directory it's in (usually Programs/Mozilla Firefox) and use a program like "Unlocker" or "WhoLockMe" (Google it) to see what other program is using it. I've found that TeaTimer (from Spybot -- Search & Destroy) was the culprit for me. http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.ph...2994031#2994031 I can confirm that. TeaTimer prohibits the update of Firefox ( and Thunderbird ( The same problem has been reported on the German FF-Support forum. now i wonder if i can edit the title of my original post (this thread) to suggest the conclusion.
  5. addendum: i poked around the "antihacker" part of the main dialog. (this seems to be only app control section.) there are some long lists there, but i recognized no hint of Firefox installer.
  6. had to use the chm to find location of ver. :-) before buying KAV6, I made mistake of downloading and trying "6" which turned out to a beta sub-version. It caused a lot of trouble, so now unless KIS7 is full release, ummm... I'm not going to install it for now.
  7. FF install fails within 24 hours of installing KIS 6 retail box. Based on time proximity, almost certainly KIS is the cause/conflict/whatever. HISTORY: Installed FF2.0.0.6 on another XP (using Comodo PFW and Avira free AV) a few days ago. It's working fine. On the troubled computer: Had been running KAV6 and ZA5free. The KAV subscription finished the day i bought KIS6 (semi-coincidence). I uninstalled both KAV and ZA while disconnected from net. Then I installed KIS6 from CD, choosing to [paraphrase installer:] continue/import current (KAV6) rules. (KAV6 had some app/connection control). Everything worked fine, including Firefox THE PROBLEM: About 12 hours later, I tried installing Firefox But, soon after "... a little housekeeping... " stage of FF install, it popped up a small error box: "cannot open c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe [retry] [cancel]" My first guess was that something about prev FF ver caused the trouble, so i uninstalled that existing ff Next, second attempt to ff, but get same err. Next, try reinstalling ff2.0.0.5, but get that same err. OTHER APPS: IE7 has never worked well since MS updated to IE7 in late 2006, and it still flaked out when I gave it a try now. Opera and OE work fine. Other apps like text editors work fine. So it seems everything else is running as before KIS install. (PROBABLY IRRELEVANT:) XP Home SP2 patched/updated Celeron 700 Almost all http (not https) run thru proxomitron That's not the exact path to Firefox install (because i install apps into a prog folder that has no blank spaces). The error popup gave the correct path. I'm somewhat familiar with KIS6 from a Vista computer that's run KIS since about March 2007. help? :-) {edited for emphasis of key info.}
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