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  1. Kaspersky does not ask for password to open the window (Endpoint Security 10). That is a big leak in the security as one can go through all the settings and see what rules are applied. Also, if the window is opened, if one can get the window to become unresponsive (happens quite easily on slightly slower systems), windows will ask to close the application as it is unresponsive, thereby crashing the AV. If one cannot open the window without a password, one cannot control its behavior.
  2. Hi, I have asked my H.O. to log a complaint regarding the same, meanwhile, I've managed to find a workaround. If i create a rule that blocks everything (*.*) and then allow only specific sites, it works, sort of. This was my workaround. blocked site - *.* allowed sites - (all the ones we need & *.google.*) Blocked sites rule sits at #2 What this did was, blocked all sites http and https, but allows google sites, also Youtube.com. But, athough youtube.com opens and opens all video links, videos wont stream as kaspersky manages to block *.youtube.* and *.googlevideos.* using the rule block *.* . this seems to be working so far, so will update in case something else changes.
  3. The said post was made back in January 2014, so I was under the impression that the issue must be resolved by now. Okay, I will submit a request for TS and share the number.
  4. But then that fails the process of URL filtering. Since the AV sits between the OS and the NIC, it should block the first URL request that hits the NIC from the browser. If I did want to block all google services, I could simply block the entire IP Pool they use. But I don't want that. I specifically want the media streaming websites blocked, or atleast just youtube blocked.
  5. Hi, I seem to have the same problem as well. I'm testing this on Windows 7 x64. I have KES10 ( http://youtube.com is blocked by KES. But https://youtube.com is allowed. Web Control - Enabled Rule name - block_youtube Filter content - Any content Apply to address - Individual Addresses *youtube.com* *youtu.be* Specify Users/Groups - Everyone Action - Block Schedule - Always This rule is above the default rule. Kindly help.
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