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  1. Tried it.. upgraded it to latest version still the same problem. Can I debug it ?
  2. Iam sorry to inform you that after a little more searching I found that the reports were created but not shown automatically. I might remember wrong, but I thought Iexplorer showed them after the creation. Anyway since they are there, problem was non existant. I appoligice for any troubles that I have may caused.
  3. Still the same problem... I will try to reinstall it.. How do I do with the central managed license?
  4. Os: win xp sp2 latest released patches kaspersky antivirus5.0.205 for workstations (antivirus db 2006-02-01) tried to reboot but it didnt help
  5. Will do this this friday afternoon(when there is a minimum of server use(abuse?))
  6. Turned on my computer when I got to work and now I get: Task execution failure: macros execution monitoring Nothing more to explain why... any suggestion how to track down why it doesnt work?
  7. And how do I do that... I assume that kaspersky uses the default tmp folders I have deleted any files in the folders but that doesnt help. ( I have even rebooted the server)
  8. I have just upgraded my exchange 2003 sp1 to sp2 but now I don't get any reports when requested from Kaspersky Anti-virus 5.5 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003. It just stops on Report status is being created. Any suggestions?
  9. Yupp samehere.. I cant get any NEW updates from kasperskylabs anymore. The only one thats being downloaded gets rejected on the same second its being installed. Update: tried just updating again. Now it works.
  10. Strangely it happens on a lot of computers. The only up2date.exe on the computers is the one reciding in the "C:\Program\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Workstation 5" dir.
  11. I dont know why but since around two-three weeks ago the databases started beeing corrupted. I have done EXACTLY has suggested in the knowledge base but I can't be doing this once a week. More easy to let all the workstations from kasperskylabs instead.(you dont need to go around cleaning all computers just force them to download elsewere) When will this be fixed???
  12. No joke... using the latest version of all systems... Acctually have a more concerning problem that the administrator share always get corrupted after a few days and stop downloading updates. I will start a new thread about that.
  13. I have a domain with kaspersky admin+10ws+20mailboxes. Suddly the up2date.exe wants to write to the DVDplayer on one of the computers when no one is loggedin. Strangely it just happens to one of the two computers with the same hardware/software.
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