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  1. KSC server and network agent where I enabled AD poll are the same server. But never mind. I opened ticket and it looks like, there is some known issue. I will work on that there. BTW: if yesterday I could see group membership I cannot today. So it looks like it is able to poll information, but do not know how and after some period of time that information is gone. Either deleted or overwritten but malfunctioning process.
  2. NO NO YES - both. In this case it is the same server.
  3. Nope.The only thing was I left enabled Active Directory poll for Network Agent. This wasn't enabled before and I did AD poll only via KSC. But during tests I didn't see any difference if this was enabled or disabled. Groups were still empty. It looks like it either need more time or network agent (even this is same machine) works differently than ksc.
  4. I do not know what happen, but without any change ad security groups show members now. Can you clarify more who is collecting data? Is it KSC service directly or network agent, or both. Also can you point me to some knowledge base where are written requirements for Active Directory poll information? I would like to understand it more.
  5. I don't know how that can help you? As I wrote, Active Directory poll works, problem is membership of discovered domain security groups. Computer selection or profiles or search are using same option: "Active Directory - This device is member of Active Directory group" then I select group I need (it contain computer objects) hit search (fit for profile, search, selections) and i'll get nothing. No matches. So it looks like Kaspersky can poll info from AD but do not know what is inside of groups.
  6. Well I assume it has enough rights, as it can collect information about all computers and groups and import them into db. Are there required some special privileges for service account under which KSC runs?
  7. I'm using KSC 10 SP2 MR1 Patch A. We have couple profile rules for clients based on AD group membership and I just figured out that it doesn't work. I tried to create simple Computer selection based on AD group and it show no members. And even search based on AD group show nothing. Active Directory poll works fine. We are using poll for whole forest as we have multiple domains. Is there any known problem with that?
  8. I'm testing KSV 3 and now also 4 - light agent and in previous stage I setup passwords in Integration Server Management Console which brake communication to SVM. When I deployed new version 4 I got message that SVM couldn't contact KSC. I believe it is because I messed up passwords in integration server. Can I reset those into default or set the passwords at SVM? Attached are accounts I changed passwords
  9. OK solved. Forget to enable UDP communication for network agents. Now it works again.
  10. I have test server with KSC 10 SP2 patch B, clients KES 10 SP1 MR3 and NA as the server. I just found that for whatever reason I'm not able to run any task remotely from KSC server. Any clue why? I tried to compare with couple other KSC server we have with various versions and all of them do not have this issues, until this new test server.
  11. So I played with NLA a lot and found whole problem and it looks like this feature works as intended. Mainly what is critical for subnet definition for location I didn't know. Subnet has to be exactly the same like computers you want to apply NLA. Which mean I had configured subnet (mask, which is actually divided into couple small ones including the one where computers where connected ( From network perspective original configuration was absolutely fine, but it looks like you are checking it differently. When I removed bigger subnet and set only the exact small one where the PCs are, NLA started to work almost instantly.
  12. Update about this. Computer which runs Network Agent with patch A only is able to see all locations now. It took half day to get proper policy but it is there now (even sync times show up to date before). However computer with network agent with exact same version as KSC (patch do not see all locations in KLN check even after that time. Anyway NLA is not working anyway and Update Agent is not properly assigned. Also what is interesting. In NLA configuration I can list computers which fit to each NLA and all computers are members of "default" one (based on domain availability) and the subnet based location contain no computer
  13. Policy and result attached. Btw result for agent check is from computer where just patch A is installed but it is the same with patch B too. KLAgent_Check.txt NetworkAgent.7z
  14. Maybe on more information. I tried also to use default "Home Administration Server" connection profile and custom one, but result is always the same.
  15. I think whole problem relates to Network Agent policy. Currently I have 3 switch profiles there : Based on order: 1.) Location A - subnet based condition 2.) General Detection - based on domain availability and DNS resolution 3.) Out of office - when no domain is available But when I run Agent check I can see only locations 2 and 3 in list and not location A and do not know why. This is probably whole issue.
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