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  1. Thank you for submitting the suggestion for the keyboard layout and the release date information. Kind regards.
  2. Hi, We are currently evaluating KES 10 with encryption. We use AZERTY Belgian French keyboard layout which has differences with the AZERTY French layout. From the changelog I see the following keyboard layouts have been added. More keyboard layouts are now supported by authentication agent. Keyboard layouts are available for the following languages: English (UK), English (USA), Arabic (Algeria, Morocco, Tunis, AZERTY layout), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, German (Germany and Austria), German (Switzerland), Portuguese (Brazil, ABNT2 layout), Turkish (QWERTY layout), French (France), French (Switzerland). Are there any plans to add Belgium French layout in SP1? Also I see beta3 is scheduled for release in November but I couldn't find a release date for SP1, I assume this is because you do not know yet and it is based on feedback and the squashing of bugs, can I be right in assuming SP1 will not be released before the end of the year? Kind regards, Gareth.
  3. That's great, thank you for the information. Gareth.
  4. Hi, We are currently evaluating FDE in KES10. I notice there are 2 downloads available "AES Encryption Module" and "AES Encryption Module Lite". I have search the support site, documentation and forums but have been unable to find what the difference is between these 2 modules. Could someone point me to some documentation about the differences or provide and short explanation. Is it the encryption method used and the lite version performs better? Kind regards, Gareth.
  5. I downloaded and extracted the files and can see 'patch_10_1_249_server_c.exe' included so I guess this is the version with patch C included. Thanks.
  6. Hi, If you browse the hosted files on the Kaspersky website here; Kaspersky Software Downloads the file 'ksc10.1.249en.exe' has a date of 04 Sep 2014 17:20:02 which is why I assumed this was not the updated version. I will however download the file and check the patch level. Thanks.
  7. The question is: As the link you provided is in the beta testing section is this file the final release of 10.1.249 with patch C? I have also been waiting for the non beta version since it's release on 02/10/2014. Thanks.
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