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  1. Disregard. It mysteriously started working!
  2. Everything appears to be installed correctly however I am unable to connect to the web console. Log files attached. GSI file here Any ideas? logs.zip Kaspersky_Security_Center_Web_Console_20181205130918_000_KSCNewWebConsoleInstaller.zip
  3. apologies for the delay. Here is the link. https://click.kaspersky.com/?hl=en&link=company_account&syst=Microsoft Windows Server 2012 6.2.9200.Service Pack 0Build 9200&pid=kes&version={74F2468C-A3D2-45AC-BB40-61034F5235C1}&serial=2388-000451-55DDAF7B&lic-id=&ktype=5&kcount=100&kcreat=20170808T000000&kexp=20171215T235959&kinst=20170915T055033
  4. When clicking on "Technical Support" in the KES agent interface, the link appears to be broken.
  5. The user is auto populated with domain\user, but only accepts username.
  6. Thank you for the update on Linux Anti-Cryptor. the NCF file Upload failed. I am not permitted to upload this type of file. I have zipped and password protected the file to upload it. pwd = "kasperksy" X3fw.zip
  7. HI there Team. this appears to have been a job well done. For the most part, everything just worked. :bravo: I am running Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit on VMware workstation 10 KSC is running on Windows 7 64 Bit. The KLcfginst file worked fine - (after installing the instructed Visual C++ 2015). The install of the Network agent was faultless, and reported to KSC very quickly. The deployment of the KES Security agent back to the Server from KSC was also performed without error. I tried downloading eicar via wget command - it was stopped. I placed eicar in a random folder, and after a number of seconds, it disappeared. This incident reported successfully in KSC. I was unable to run a file scan from the command line, as it was policy managed - but the scan task worked when run from KSC. Process and Boot sector scans completed in seconds without error. The ODS worked successfully with a few "Object processing errors" - I believe these would be normal: for example: Task type: ODS Runtime task ID: 3 Access user: root File: /lib/firmware/vxge/X3fw.ncf//T1A:X3_101025_1_8_1_expROM_FW_uni_template_eeprom0.bin Object type: File File owner: root The only error I encountered during the command line tests was during the "--set-app-settings" test where there was no "/etc/export" -> received "Warning: NfsExportPath '/etc/exports' does not exist" This was resolved after a quick touch cmd to create the /etc/export file. To avoid this, could this be added to the install somehow? eg. "if no /etc/export; then touch /etc/export"??) One area of Major disappointment and a most URGENT REQUEST - since Linux is most often Server based and is commonly used as a file storage mechanism - there is NO ANTI-CRYPTOR?? why?? Linux shared folders are susceptible to Ransomware attack just the same as Windows Folder shares Once again - on my system - this has been a job well done. Thank you.
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