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  1. I click Clear, it says Clearing Reports... I leave it for 10 minutes and it still says this. UPDATE - I closed KTS and reloaded it and it seems to be working now.
  2. Hi, How do you delete reports in KTS as if I go to Settings > Additional > Reports and Quarantine > and click Clear, it says Clearing Reports... and nothing else happens. Any ideas, please?
  3. Is there no way to block them in Kaspersky Total Security with the Anti-Banner?
  4. Hi, I'm using Kaspersky Total Security 2017 (, but having problems blocking YouTube adverts. Anyone know how to block these as there driving me nuts, as there getting cheeky showing adverts that last over 1 minute some even go for 3-5 minutes. Thanks
  5. Tried that, still get the same problem after uninstalling - Think I may have to go back to the general build 10240.
  6. Done, link below. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...2f7a9d37e0a6242
  7. Hi, I've just upgraded from Windows 10 to the latest build 10525, it's using over 60% of my memory when it's loaded but if I close it I only use 5% so I'm sure its Kaspersky that's the problem as it was fine on the older build.
  8. Hi, Q1: I am a subscriber of Kaspersky Total Security, but my license runs out in 3 weeks. Is there any coupon I could use so I could save a bit of cash? Q2: Will Kaspersky Total Security, work on PC, Laptop, iPad and iPhone? Q3: Is there a package so I could buy 4 licenses all in one? Thanks
  9. Hi, When will Kaspersky Pure 4.0 / 2015 be ready? When its ready will my old Kaspersky Pure 3.0 auto update? Thanks for any reply
  10. Hi, The Password Manager Auto Log-in doesn't seem to be working, I'm using Firefox 30.0 and the plugin is enabled ( - but if I tick or un-tick the Auto Sign-in it still automatically logs me into the website. Anyone know whats wrong or does it to it as well for you guys?
  11. Hi, I just purchased Pure 3.0 from the online shop : http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/pure but if I go here : https://my.kaspersky.com/en/activations and enter the activation code it works, but if I enter the same code here : https://center.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses it won't work as it says this "Activation code not found". Could it be because I got the license on the online shop and not the Protection Center?
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