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  1. Hi again Mike, you pricked my curiosity and I went through the instructions given by K. Like you nothing was detected. I've sent a report off, and will let you know the outcome. Cheers.
  2. Hi Mike, When you say "detected objects" what do you mean please? As far as I can see there have been two separate "false positives" issues affecting numerous Kaspersky users like us. For now they appear resolved I am asking Kaspersky for further clarification before I do anything, because the problem appears to have been at their end, rather than mine.
  3. I have received this email from Kaspersky Lab technical support.... I have received a reply form our HQ and the require some information from your end that will help with the issue. Please send us a detailed 'Detected objects' report: 1. If the main window of Kaspersky application is not on your desktop, bring it up by double-clicking the Kaspersky desktop shortcut (icon) or by double clicking on the smaller Kaspersky icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; 2. Click the green 'More Tools' button on the application main window. 3. Click on 'Reports' from the left pane, and then on 'Detailed reports'. 4. Once the 'Detailed Reports' window opens, click on 'All Events' 5. Select 'Detected objects' from the drop-down list. 6. Click on 'Export' at the top right corner. 7. Name and save the report. 8. Send it to us by attaching it to your reply. I have not done it yet and am querying why they should want this information when the problem appears to be a "false positive" error on their part.
  4. Thank you Dominic. Just makes you wonder if this is going to be a regular occurrence?
  5. I've requested help from Kaspersky Lab technical support yesterday (8th July) I am awaiting them getting back to me.
  6. Yes Saxel, I agree with you. When it first happened a couple of weeks ago it was somewhat bothersome, but one felt the problem was fixed and dealt with. And now it's happening again!
  7. Annoying isn't it? Anyway, I've sent off a report to technical support, but will be great if you can too Saxel.
  8. I'm finding the identical problem has returned and I am once more receiving what appear to be false positives when accessing bank sites. Anybody else having this problem?
  9. Yes, I've received this... Dear customer, Our Virus Specialists have informed me that it was a false/positive detection and that the site has been unblocked. The issue will be resolved via a database update in the next 24 to 48 hours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you. A relief but also somewhat annoying too.
  10. Hi Mike, Received this today from Kaspersky lab technical support..... Dear customer, There have been quite a few case in regards to false/positive detections. Our Virus Specialists are still investigating the issue. I have sent the URL you sent us to our Virus specialists for investigation. I will get back to you once I receive a reply on the matter. Will keep everybody updated, regards WC.
  11. Thank you for this richbuff. I have sent a request to lab support a couple of days ago. Since numerous people are presently experiencing this problem, is it not unlikely that the problem relates to some specific problem with one's own individual computer?
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