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  1. Hello !


    Create a new group in A.D and move only 2 users from the previous group and check whether this issue solve or not ?


    Thank you !


    Tested this, but no luck. Tried it by both specifying the group in the Web Control Rule in the KSC policy and by setting a new rule locally in KES. Same issue as with the original Group.

  2. Hello !


    Groups window where you can select or edit a user and / or group of users whose access to web resources described in the rule is covered by this rule.

    Is it possible to you to select any user from this group and restrict it ? (may be you will have users a lot in this group but for testing only)


    Thank you !


    Could you clarify what you mean here? I'm not sure I follow you.


    In the Rule, under "Specify users and / or groups:" section, as long as I specify users directly by their usernames, this works. It's tedious, but it works. (So, "DOMAIN\user1;DOMAIN\user2;DOMAIN\user3" does work to block access to user1, user2, and user3). However, I have around 50 users who need this rule applied to them, with people frequently being added as we hire more staff. Specifying usernames like that is not ideal, as it would require reentering every single username when someone gets added to the list.


    So, I was hoping to be able to use a Distribution Group from Active Directory. Create a group in AD that contains all the users, then just pull that group in the Web Control rule as "DOMAIN\webcontrolgroup". But it appears that KSC doesn't actually pull the list of users contained within AD groups -- just the groups themselves. So unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is actually possible. :(

  3. Hi,


    Is it possible to block these sites on the particular host ? Not from KSC but from user hand to check whether the these sites are blocking or not ?


    Thank you !


    I removed my own device from KSC in order to test it a bit. If I specify my own username, just the single user, I can block no problem. So it appears to be a problem only with blocking Groups of users. Is it not possible to pull a Security or Distribution Group from Active Directory in KSC? Or am I just missing a setting somewhere?


    EDIT: Confirmed that by pushing out the policy with only my username specified in the rule. It works with a single user. But it will not work with Security or Distribution Groups.

  4. So, I'm trying to set up Web Control to block websites for only a group of users (a security group in Active Directory). Here are the products I am using:


    KSC Version 10.1.249

    KES Version


    I have also attached a .cfg file of my setup. I set the Web Control to block Pornography, Illegal Downloads, and Social Media.


    This works wonderfully when I apply it to all computers within the group. No problems there. But as soon as I try to limit the Web Control Rule by User, it doesn't block a thing. The policy still pushes out, and if I run diagnostics on an endpoint, KES thinks it is blocking the website correctly. But websites like Facebook, Friendster, or MySpace are still fully accessible in any browser. Even if I remove the Content Filter and block the websites directly (e.g. "*facebook.com" or "*friendster.com"), it doesn't do it if I'm limiting by user.


    Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?


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