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  1. Hello, I use windows 7 starter, microsoft essentials, malwarebytes and your security scan. None of them detects any malware in my system (all updated with recent definitions), although strange things happen in it. Cannot send in no way whatsoever an sms through windows e.g. and when I switch to my android os (same netbook) it goes through easily -amongst dozens of other problems. I cannot decide to uninstall microsoft essentials and replace it with some of your trial versions. I believe that if i save your rescue disc to a usb and reboot from this it might help. Since I do not have a usb handy (my system cannot accept dvd) is there any online version of some scan as powerful as the rescue disc? Thank you
  2. Hi all, again. As I lost access to my email registered with you (a microsoft account, suddenly it did not accept my password, I requested it back from them with the initial information when I registered, they said it's OK and you only need to reset the password, but then I could not have access to my mail, and they said something like I must wait a month or sort of. It's not the first time it happens). So, as I lost access to it I registered again, but it's the same me. (Did not remember my password here and to reset it I should have access to my previous email). Anyway. My Kaspersky security scan finds those issues: Other issues (12) Information about vulnerabilities associated with the settings of installed applications and the operating system. "Autorun from hard drives is allowed" "Autorun from network drives is enabled" "CD/DVD autorun is enabled" "Removable media autorun is enabled" "Windows Explorer - show extensions of known file types" "Microsoft Internet Explorer: clear history of typed URLs" "Microsoft Internet Explorer - disable caching data received via protected channel" "Microsoft Internet Explorer: disable sending error reports" "Microsoft Internet Explorer: delete cookies" "Microsoft Internet Explorer: enable cache autocleanup on browser closing" "Windows Explorer: display of known file types extensions is disabled" "Microsoft Internet Explorer: start page reset" How can I correct them manually? Could I correct them if I downloaded a trial version of some Kasperksy product? I'd welcome both answers asap as I still face challenges, (alas, that's my everyday life).
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