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  1. I received this response from ICE Systems, the distributor I purchase from: The new netagent is included with the 5.0.1152. You simply need to create a new netagent deployment package from the Admin Kit console and redploy it. In order for this to work, you have to: 1 - Create a New Task 2 - Select Kaspersky Admin Kit, Product Deployment Task 3 - Select "Kaspersky Network Agent ver 5.0.1152 package" 4 - On the next screen be sure do UNCHECK the box "Do not install on hosts on which this product is already installed". 5 - Deploy this task to all/any workstations that are giving you the error. This solved the problem.
  2. I updated some workstations to version 5.0.676, and updated the admin kit to version 5.0.1152. After doing that, the workstations come up with an error that the network agent is not compatable with that version of the AV software. I attached a screenshot of the error. Where can you download the newest network agent? I could not find it anywhere. If it's part of the admin kit like some things I have read say, how do you get it installed?
  3. For anybody else that runs into this, here is the fix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823633/en-us I just deleted the registry key and that solved the problem. ~~broken link fixed~~
  4. Just running KAV personal, not KIS. I have read that page you linked and I am familiar with the removal methods required for other AV programs.
  5. I have a Windows XP Pro system with Outlook 2003 that is getting this error now after installing Kaspersky AV personal version 6.0.300. Some old version of McAfee was installed previously, and was removed before installing KAV. Everything seems to work normally, just this error comes up upon opening Outlook and you have to click OK several times before you can use the program. Suggestions?
  6. It is not possible for Kaspersky (or any other software for that matter) to cause bad sectors on your hard drive. How are you discovering these bad sectors? Running chkdsk, or something else?
  7. 5.0.205 No matter what account I set the service to run under, it won't load. It was originally set to log on using the local system account. I have tried the domain administrator account as well. If I try to manually start the process, it appears to start and run for 1 second then closes again.
  8. I client of mine recently upgraded one of ther Windows 98 systems by doing a fresh install of Windows XP. I just tried to install Kaspersky AV Business Optimal for them. The AV installed just fine, and the network agent seemed to install fine too, but it never starts. I didn't get any errors or anything, but it's not running. The first time I installed it, I was logged with a user account, but I installed KAV and the network agent by using the "run as" option and using the Administrator account. I rebooted and tried to install the network agent again. Same thing- it seemed to install fine, but never runs. This is a fresh install of Windows XP Pro with SP2 and all updates installed, there has not been any other AV or firewall software installed on it. The only software installed is Office 2003 Pro and 1 proprietary custom application. Any suggestions?
  9. KAV absolutely SUCKS on Windows 9x, that is what I have concluded. I have a client of mine, an insurance office, that has several Windows 98 computers running KAV 5.0.383. Since I installed it for them, their computers lock up very frequently. I have since learned that this is pretty typical behaviour for a Windows 98 system, and it really pisses me off, when even the evil Norton runs much better than KAV. Anyways, is there any sort of logging or debugging mode I can enable, to try to figure out why these particular comptuers are crashing? There are no software firewalls on the systems. NAV used to be installed, but I have completely removed it before installing KAV. Yes I have uninstalled Norton thousands of times, and know how to do it properly by manual deletion and using their removal tool. Can anyone offer any help? Why does KAV suck so much on Windows 98/ME? At least half of the systems I install it on have serious problems. I'm ready to start selling Norton or something else to people who run Windows 98, it is such a huge drain on my staff and myself dealing with all of these issues with Windows 98 systems.
  10. Yes but is there a way I can do that using the policy instead of doing it on the system itself?
  11. I have a lot of experience with KAV personal, but I am new to KAV workstation. I have a client set up with KAV Business Optimal, with all settings enforced by a policy set on the server. With KAV personal, leaving the "scan startup objects" setting on causes lockups and problems sometimes on Windows 98 systems. I am having a similar problem on a Windows 98 system with KAV workstation 5.0.200. As soon as the real time protection loads, the floppy drive seeks several times, and the system will frequently lock up. The one system having this problem is an older Pentium II system that is pretty slow. There are several other Windows 98 systems, but most are PIIIs and none of the rest are having the same problem. I am guessing there is a way to disable the startup objects scan, but I have not found a way to do it using the policy. Help!
  12. OK, so I figured out I have to create a task for the virus scan. I successfully created one. However, from a client computer if I open KAV and view the tasks, my full system scan for Thursday night shows up, but there is also a defualt scan set for 8:00 PM. How do I get rid of the default scan?
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