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  1. OK, my posts were merged here. Thanks. All questions now answered, .445 downloaded and installed without problems, it has solved a few things, mainly on shutdown and startup speeds which were very slow with
  2. Yep, I was looking in the wrong place! Do I need to uninstall or can I install over it? ..... and thank you.
  3. I am presently running KIS and I note there is an upgrade to However, when I go to your downloads page the newer version is not offered (see attachment), am I looking in the wrong place?
  4. It is not a program I am familiar with but I tried both the Video Converter and the YT downloader, they both functioned as they were supposed to, certainly no warning messages. Can I uninstall it now? Ro.
  5. You appear to have some previous antivirus files on there, did you have Norton installed, if so ensure you have completely removed it before installing KIS.
  6. I downloaded, installed and ran it with KIS 2015. I didn't try running any of the functions but there was no problems or interference from KIS as far as I went.
  7. I looked at that but the navigation in the Kaspersky 2015 GUI is completely wrong, perhaps it should be updated somewhere to give the correct instructions?
  8. Hello Jram, If you right click the Kaspersky tray icon and then click "About it will give you the version number, which starts with "15" (see attached). You can run MBAM with Kaspersky but it is advisable to add some exceptions to both of them to avoid any conflicts. Kaspersky GUI>Settings>Additional>Threats and Exclusions>Configure exclusion rules. Browse to c:\program files\malwarebytes antimalware\ and add - mbam.exe mbamgui.exe mbampt.exe mbamscheduler.exe mbamservice.exe I am not sure if they are all needed but it is best to be safe. Also in MBAM do the same but exclude the whole of the Kaspersky folder. Ro.
  9. Ah, I suspect the activation period has passed as it is quite old. You can try downloading a version from the internet - details here http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=301039 (uninstall any version you have on your computer first) and then try adding your license when asked.
  10. I assume you downloaded a full years subscription? If so what does it say in the My Devices section on the web - https://center.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses. Plus, is your computer date/time correct?
  11. Uninstall KIS from your © computer and install the single license version on it. Install the third of your licenses on your (D) computer so now you have A, B, and D with the 3 license version and C with the single version license.
  12. I use Pale Moon as my default browser and have not see the problem you describe either with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. It would be worth making a new clean PM profile and checking again.
  13. There is no delay in protection, that is in force immediately Windows starts, only a delay in reporting it as the UI takes longer to load. That is what I read from ScottC's post.
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