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  1. Thank you Jan I did this (update Admin kit to 5.0.1152 and then tried to just update the network agent). But, every host failed to update
  2. Thank you for your replies I found the .pkd file and create an installation "package" with it (I choose to install the 5.0.1152 network agent with it). but, when I tried to install it on several station different problem occur : The stations with 'old' network agent (ie < 5.0.1150) remove KAV and still in error Stations with recent network agent (5.0.1150) do nothing ... It seems like it was impossible to update the network agent and after to install KAV 5.0.676...
  3. Hi, We have already installed KAV 5.0.528 and Network agent 5.0.1150 on our 1000 hosts network. I downlaoded the new release of KAV and want to deploy it using the Admin kit. I've created a package containing KAV and add /SILENT as a command line to execute on remote host, but when the package is installed, the user is asked several question. How can we automate this installation, since we are not using Active Directory ? It would be a pity if we had to manually install this release on every host ... Thank you for your reply.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Just an other question, is it possible to have a "silent" installation on remote hosts? I've tryed with "/SILENT" but the admin kit reports that installation has failed. thanks
  5. Hi, we have no problem with the admin kit ... The question is concerning KAV for workstation : do we have to manually re-install the new release or wait for an auto-update from 5.0.228 to 5.05xxx ?
  6. Hi, We are using KAV for workstation ver. 5.0.228 and the latest admin kit. Do we have to re-install the new maintenace pack (release since it's a full non-silent install or do we have to wait for a future patch ? Thanks.
  7. Hi, We are currently using KAV on our workstations and servers. We are developping an application server which will host many files so that command line calls seems to be a bit slow ... Is it possible to access antivirus functionnalities through API(s) or COM interface ? Thank you
  8. Hi, I've installed KAV for workstation (5.0.227) on 150 workstations and I am using the Admin. kit 5.0.1104. Some workstations are always on error, tasks are missing (often the 'real time protection for file' or any 'real time protection'). Can we import these tasks ? How can we fix this problem ? thank you for your help
  9. We are using Administration Kit to manage 700 PC on a "workgroups only" network. Each host is running W2K SP3 or 4, Network Agent and Kaspersky V 5.0.xxx, with static IPs. We are using Novell eDirectory so we don't use AD aty all. Several problems occured : - Some workstations are invisible to Admin. Kit but really exist in the netwiork (ping with IP or name is OK). -When searching hosts, sometimes the host appears but the IP address match another station ... When updating the view, a differnt host name appears and so on ... - When re-installing a PC (different harware but same name/IP/OS), we can't handle it any longer. The host is visible but has an invalid IP corresponding to another host or appears with no IP at all. We try to remove the hosts from their groups, they re-appear with the error(s). But on theses hosts updates are done using the choosen administration server(Bases are OK, softawares updates are done automaticly). Thank you for your help
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