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  1. I have to confirm this annoying problem. Very sorry since I only had good experiences with KAV so far. I first ran into the problem on an XW4400 workstation scanning just the SSD system disk. The data intel raid (1) broke (one disk offline and one disk un-membered itself) and I didn't realize it was KAV. I also had to check an XW8600 that then had both it's Intel data raids (1) in Offline status! The first problem was solved by: 1. Connecting the offline member to the former other disks port. This brought back the disk as a member and the data in W7. 2. Cleared the other one and after reconnecting the original ports it rebuilded everything as expected. The second time I decided to: 1. Shut down and boot up into the RAIDs bios with 2 disks connected to the other member's Port. 2. Shut down and boot up into the RAIDs bios with all member's ports now cross wired. All came online, the RAIDs marked degraded. 3. Shut down and boot up with the original wiring. Everything was online again and booting into W7 the RAIDs went into rebuild state again. Something in the OS (Linux distro?) startup of KAV rescue 10 definitely screws up the info for the Intel Raid controller. I decided to leave this message for people to not panic like I would have in the early years. Usually after software's glitch and the panic I'd have to find myself to be the one who'd lost ALL the data. So: don't panic! YES, the KAV disk can be the cause but your (software) RAIDs can be saved. :dash1:
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