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  1. For some reason I've started having problems with my bank when the Safe Money is running with IE. I know Safe Money doesn't work with Edge and defaults to IE. The bank site works pwrfetly with Edge and Safe Money set to not use the protected browser for that site. With Edge, is the protected browser even needed? I'd appreciated your input.
  2. Just wanted to let you know that support was able to find the problem. I t was a corrupted .dll fil in the KPM folder. Support sent an undated file to replace the damaged file and it worked like charm. Downloaded new version to my wife's system and had same backup issue - replaced the file as I did on my system and worked perfectly. Good job Support!
  3. Thanks for the reply, Berny, I appreciate it. I'm still waiting for a response from support (they're working on it). Yesterday I did a complete reset of my system. Everything seems to work as it should, including KTS and KPM, except the backup. All I can do at this point is wait for support. Perhaps I haven't received the fix. Remember, I'm talking about the newest version (9.02). Seemed odd that virtually everything is working except the back-up, but stranger things have happened.
  4. Hi Angeidragon. Tahnks for your reply and information. Apparently it wasn't fixed in the newest version. I've been working with support on the problem. Everything else is working as it should. I was thinking though, is a backup needed if the vault is on the Kaspersky servers? I suppose it would be useful if one forgot their Master Password.
  5. Hello, I installed the latest version of KPM and ran into a problem. When I try to back-up the vault, the application goes to the backup page, then freezes. I have to close that window, then quit KPM because the main window remains grey and is also unresponsive. Everything appears to work as it should. I tried uninstalling KPM, saving only the vault, but nothing changed. Any idea why this is happening?
  6. Emerito, While I've used the Kavremover in the past, it's not the bet first couse of action. Many tome the moderators can find an issue via the GSI. Ergo, I recommend you follow Richbuff's instructions as he, and the other moderators, will never steer you in the wrong direction. BC
  7. I've been a Kaspersky customer for many years, save for a brief stint with Norton where I quickly realized how much better Kaspersky was at protecting my systems. Yes, support can be slow, but often other users/moderators can help with problems that arise. Kaspersky products have never been for the faint of heart, but using recommended settings makes them fairly easy to use. I started using KIS then moved to the more comprehensive Kaspersky Total Security, which, in my humble opinion, is rather easy to use once you learn how it works. You can always give it a trial run; if you like it, stay with it, if not, try something else. Should you choose Kaspersky, I would recommend completely removing AVG, either manually or by using their removal tool if available. Good Luck, Tim. Perhaps we'll see you joining us soon. BC
  8. All of these "suggestions" are ridiculous. Kaspersky, you have a problem. Just fix it. Everything was fine, then it wasn't. Clearly your problem. I imagine there are some who don't even realize they have an issue. Does the same thing happen with prior versions? If not, I'll gladly go back until you have this fixed. Just woke up my system and it had been stuck on a sizable update for well over an hour. I did a manual and that was still slow, but at least it worked. Right now the only viable solution seems to be to turn off automatic updates and do manual updates which is far from ideal and not acceptable for a top level product like KTS. Kaspersky, you know the problem. You don't need more Tech Support requests, you need to fi the problem.
  9. Thanks Bernie and Ukue. Looks like the problem may be fixed a last few auto updates have been quick. Who would have thought that running Edge would resolve such an issue????
  10. Hello: Still seeing update issues on both of my computers (laptop and desktop) both running KTS 19 with Windows 10 (fully updated). Manual update seem to be OK. Any idea when this will be fixed. Only way to get it off 100% is to shut down system as it freezes when trying to do a restart (trying to turn off app). Any idea when this will be fixed and is it a problem in version 18?
  11. Hello, I can not download the version 19. I've tried several ways and keep getting to the same download page. That's when I get a script error. Once I stop the script I can click on the download button, but nothing happens. The download for the main Kaspersky site is still version 18. Is there a problem somewhere? I tried the download for version 18 and it starts without delay. Thanks, BC
  12. Hello, I eceived the notice that KPM 9 was available and did the upgrade. When I tried to use IE I kept getting a message about proxy that had to be allowed to work and continually popped up. I finally uninstalled the new version then installed it through KTS which worked great accept that a couple logins needed to be fixed and all of them had the autologin disabled. Unfortunately, two sites that have worked well in the past no longer auto-fill - one being this Forum. Itried rentering the login information but it doesn't even offer to save the new login. Is anyone else seeing these issues?
  13. That was unnecessary, Machine. This is about Kaspersky and Best buy. Name calling helps no one. I simply want to hear from Eugene Kaspersky directly to know what's going on from his perspective, and, preferably, from a moderator to get his or her perspective. Modes: If this is going to deteriorate into a hate America and name calling, please delete the post. It's too bad that a legitimate concern has to be turned into comments like the one above. It wasn't about politics, or governments or anything else other than wanting to know, from the horses mouth so to speak, what Eugene plans to do.
  14. Hello, I now this is likely the wrong place for this, but I just read where Best Buy has decided to no longer carry Kaspersky due to concerns over the security of the product itself. It would be good to hear something directly from Eugene Kaspersky concerning this, and other entities no longer using Kaspersky an what he plans to do. I've had Kaspersky for a long time and, to me, is the best protection one can have, especially using KTS. Is anyone else concerned about what's going on? Personally, I think Kaspersky is being treated unfairly.
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