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  1. I have a question, whilst updating the modules and databases would KIS 15 prompt you to update to version 16 rather than doing the upgrade yourself? Could this behaviour be regarded as a virus and or scam ?
  2. I use Collectorz Movie Database to catalog DVD's, Blu-Rays etc, this program uses HTML teplates to display information about the collection including images from episodic TV series, however these images do not display at all but if I pause protection in KIS the images are displayed ( Typical Link to Image would be: http://clzimages.com/movie/banners/episode...church_1_1.jpg) I'm using KIS 2016 and it is up to date and the Collectorz program is in the Trusted section of the KIS firewall, is there something else I have to adjust/set in KIS in order to display these images?
  3. In KIS 2015 when starting a Full Scan there was an option to turn off the computer after the scan was finished, KIS 2016 doesn't show this option is there a way to get the computer to power down when the scan has finished?
  4. Richbuff gave this advice to me and KIS has been fine since then for me, I would advise people to try this first and if not successful contact Kaspersky Support
  5. Thanks for the advice Richbuff I will try your recommendation, I installed Windows 8 over Windows 7 whilst using KIS Patch 'e' and had to follow your recommendation to get it to work, so my question is will I have to do this every time a new 'letter' patch is issued by Kaspersky ?
  6. I'm running KIS 2013 (Windows 8 32bit), since the 'f' patch update Rootkit scans and Critical area scans appear to freeze at 50% and 95%. I've tried to stop the scans but they still appear in the KIS Task manager list and trying to clear them fails. KIS is also using between 86% - 98% CPU time. GetSystemInfo link below GetSystemInfo
  7. I have My Hard drive partitioned into 4 partitions C: 25Gb used of 35Gb D: 1.14 Gb used of 10Gb E: 9Gb used of 30Gb F: 0.5 Gb used of 26Gb I presume that I would have to uninstall the AOL AVS before installing the KAV trial ? I will try your suggestions to see if the times improve
  8. I've insatlled the AOL AVS as a tester for KAV (with intentions to purchase), however when I ran the scan it was still running after 2 and a half hours and had completed 23% of the scan. I run this scan using the default recommended settings and I have two questions 1. Other AV's that I have used have completed this type of scan in about 1 hour, is this typical of AVS/KAV ? 2. Is there any way I can reduce this time without compromising the scan for viruses by adjusting the default settings ?
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