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  1. I have a Word file that was picked up by Microsoft Defender as having a virus but Kaspersky has not detected anything at all. Where can I submit these files for analysis? https://newvirus.kaspersky.com/ is only for URLs I cannot find where to submit a file. Thank you
  2. I have installed Patch D on KSC I also have several client computers running with AES module Do I need to update the AES module on KSC? Currently I am running When we upgraded from MR1 to SP1 we had to update the AES module, and it "broke" the MR1 encryption because of the new AES module. Will this happen again? How do I update the AES module? I cannot find the KB. Thank you!
  3. We would work well together :b_lol1: Here is an even better screenshot from KSC:
  4. (mr2) But do you see what I am saying? = KES10 SP1 HOWEVER there is (mr2) afterwards, which makes this KES10 SP1 mr2.... which is different from "KES10 SP1 MR2" (version Do you see why this is confusing?
  5. Thank you. So just do not get confused when I see mr2 as seen in my screenshot above?
  6. I think I am getting confused between mr2 and mr2 Which one is which? Because I have seen them both referenced as "KES10 SP1 MR2" mr2 = KES10 SP1 MR2? mr2 = KES10 SP1 MR2?
  7. *shrug* all I did was run the Patch D update on my Administration Server. Then I created an installation package for - maybe that automatically installed the plugin to the Administration Server. I don't know, which is not anything new when it comes to Kaspersky :b_lol1:
  8. So if I set "Update approved" to "Yes" in this window, KES10 SP1 MR2 will be installed for all computers UNLESS they have FDE? It looks like it is already installing MR2 on computers even though I have not Approved the update.
  9. The only one I can think of is because you haven't tested it yet Do you use Full Disk Encryption at all? BTW what is the MR2 plugin? is that for managing via a separate Console? I do all my management via the Administration Server.
  10. I found the best way to install Network Agent 10.2.434 Patch D was to download the full ksc10.2.434en file (835 MB) and run it. Then you have the option to export the Network Agent (Extract installation packages). I exported the Network Agent to a folder, then created an Installation Package with the nagent10.kud file. Then I made a task that installs it. I had two test machines: PC1 running Network Agent 10.1.249 patch a, c and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 MR1 patch a PC2 running Network Agent 10.2.434 patch a and Kaspersky Endpoint Security SP1 mr1 As long as I unchecked the box "Do not install if already installed" it upgraded the Network Agent on both PC1 and PC2 to 10.2.434 patch d. It probably cannot tell the difference between the patches if the same Network Agent version is already present (10.2.434) so you have to force it. Now I will upgrade the KES installations using my new task (which includes installing the Network Agent, I think this is a new feature).
  11. I am not sure how this is relevant. I do not understand what you are saying. There are not shared resources, these are users "My Documents" which we want to use with Sync Center.
  12. What version of KSC are you running? Do you have Patch D installed? Patch D details: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/12425
  13. Please allow users to change date format so we can view dates on posts in our local format. i.e. in USA we normally display March 08, 2016 as 03/08/2016
  14. Does this mean if I use Full Disk Encryption that Sync Center will not work? I have a case open because I cannot get Sync Center to work properly. INC000005906833
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