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  1. At the moment there is no Firewall installed on the system, just KAV125 and Windows original (not sure it is running with KAV125)
  2. Thank you, It is already set this way, Still having problems with internet scrolling, Like changing address in address bar from something to www.google.com and getting ‘page not found’ then when I’m pressing refresh it com’s up. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks, for your consideration, I can’t do update to IE 7. Having this XP since 2002 (updated from win2000) and writhingly getting “not a genuine version” message. Lost all paper-work, so can’t proof anything but I will not pay Microsoft second time for this outdated OS. Problem with Google Earth fixed already, it was disabled add-ons in IE (ActiveX control) I just enable it and Google start working. Thanks again for your help Dmi2000
  4. What make you think it will resolve the problem? Google Earth was working with IE 6 with no problem. BTW it is still working on my second PC without KAV. And PC with KAV also having problem to get to this forum. I’m getting time out error.
  5. I have KAV loaded on 30 day trial. Main PC connects to Internet using IE 6 and write after instelation Google Earth stop working it is no log messages in reports on KAV but Google is out Getting message from Google : Pressing “Yes” get me empty URL http:///?ver=4.1.7087.5048&err=1&errc=30&stsc=0&hl=en&gl=US&cook=0&hist=127&ntKH1=0&ntNS=0&ntGO=0&ntSU=0&ntKH2=0&av=Kaspersky_Anti-Virus&avv= Also the number of internet sides cannot be displayed Please advise
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